December 2018 – Monthly Round Up

December 2018 – Monthly Round Up

Happy New Year! We hope you had a great Christmas, we sure did. Although we have definitely eaten and drank way too much. In fact, we ate and drank too much all month. From the 1st December if a beer or chocolate was put under our nose we used the excuse ‘well it is Christmas’. Apart from eating and drinking, exchanging presents and spending time with friends and family, we have been loving Netflix. Our personal favourites during December have been Birdbox (although slightly disappointed by the ending, Black Mirror Bandersnatch and You. Have you been watching anything that you would recommend – we are always on the hunt for new tv fixes? We even managed to squeeze some travelling into one of the busiest months of the year. Here’s what we got up to and what the beginning of 2019 has in store for us.


Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Dam Square, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The first trip of the month was to Amsterdam in The Netherlands. Vicky headed across the North Sea with her friends for a girl’s weekend of fun, laughter, Christmas shopping, beer and of course stroopwafels. As one of her favourite cities (and one of Mr ESLT’s least favourite), she has been to Amsterdam over 10 times. Therefore, she has visited most of the tourist attractions and can now simply enjoy being in the city without the fear of missing out on something. The visit, however, of course, involved a visit to her favourite square – Rembrandt Square which has a number of bars and restaurants together with a small Christmas market during December. Will it be her last visit? We very much doubt it.

Leuven, Belgium

Leuven, Belgium

Mr ESLT & His Brother in Leuven, Belgium

The following weekend we both headed to Leuven in Belgium together with Mr ESLT’s step mum, brother and dad to celebrate his 75th birthday. Leuven had been on our radar for a long time due to its reputation of being a beer lovers paradise. Because Stella Artois was created and is still made here, we decided to take a brewery tour (we love brewery tours and take them all over the world). However, if you ever visit Leuven, we’d recommend keeping your €8.50 brewery entrance fee and spend it on a pint instead. Unfortunately, it was a waste of 3 hours, which was a shame as we were only in the city for the weekend. Apart from that, we loved Leuven, however, if visiting on the second Saturday of December remember to book a table for dinner in advance. It took us nearly 3 hours to find somewhere with availability.

Cancelled Travel Plans

Cancelled Travel Plans

How sucky is it when you have to cancel travel plans because of something out of your control? Completely, right? Well, that’s what happened to us in December when we had to cancel our New Year’s Eve trip to Nice in France and a subsequent side trip to Monaco (which would have been country 76). Unfortunately, the sky pod (big skylight thingy) for our kitchen extension was smashed in transit the week before Christmas meaning not only has our kitchen felt like Antartica over the festive period but it has also been not secure with only a bit of tarpaulin covering the big open hole. Therefore, there was no way we could leave our house open to the elements and unscrupulous people while we gallivanted around the south of France. Nice will always be there and fingers crossed within the next week the sky pod will be going in….finally.

Upcoming Travels

Mr ESLT and I at The Top of The Rock, New York, America

New York, USA

In the middle of the month, we are returning to one of our favourite cities – New York. This time, with Vicky’s cousin Hannah in tow. As we have done all the touristy things before we have tried to find new and different things to do, including a brewery tour at the Brooklyn Brewery, a ghost tour around Greenwich and a walking tour through Little Italy, SoHo and Tribeca. We also have some lovely brunches and afternoon teas booked during our visit. Tickets to a Broadway show were also a must and Mr ESLT has treated us to Mean Girls tickets (really not his thing but knows it’s Vicky’s!) We cannot wait to return.

Philadelphia, USA

We have booked return bus tickets to Philadelphia from New York. It is somewhere we have both wanted to visit for a long time and somewhere we have always intended to visit on previous trips to New York. As we are only going to be in the city for a day, we intend on using the hop on hop off bus to ensure that we see as much as possible. Chris wants to see the Rocky Statue, Vicky wants to see the Liberty Bell and Hannah wants to visit the pub from the tv show ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’. Hopefully, we can squeeze it all in.

Northumberland, England

At the end of the month, we’ll be heading to the beautiful Doxford Hotel & Spa in Northumberland for a relaxing spa and foodie break. Having only visited Northumberland once before, it’s going to give us the perfect opportunity to explore the area more. That’s providing we can pull ourselves away from the spa facilities, of course.

Do you have any upcoming travels planned?

Travel Planning

Planning for Travel

Dubai, UAE

Cancelling our New Year’s Eve trip to Nice infuriated Vicky so much it drove her straight to Skyscanner. The original plan was Muscat, however, the price of the flights just kept jumping up and up as she was trying to book them. Therefore the search parameters were widened to incorporate anywhere hot in February. Even though we have been to Dubai before we are excited to visit again. It is very much a marmite place – you either love it or hate it and we very much fall on the love it side. We’re ready for Friday brunch, club access and doing nothing for a week – BLISS!

Somewhere in The Netherlands?

This one is up in the air at the moment. We have a free weekend in March that we are considering filling with an adventure. As we love The Netherlands, that is currently high on the list – Delft, Dortrect or a return visit to The Hague are all being considered at the moment.

Are you currently planning any trips?

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Until next month…… travels & Happy New Year!



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