Product Review: Thermos Light and Compact Flask, 0.35L

Product Review: Thermos Light and Compact Flask, 0.35L

I’ve got a confession. I may have ‘borrowed’ Mr ESLT’s flask a few months ago and I may have misplaced it, ok I did misplace it, but never told him. Since then I have denied all knowledge of ever even seeing it. I know, I know, I’m a bad person. I had always been my intention to replace it, but then it always slipped my mind. Therefore, when I was sent a Thermos Light and Compact Flask to review, I thought it only fair that he got the pleasure.

His previous one had been a supermarket own one and had on occasion leaked, therefore when the Thermos flask came in the post I had high hopes that it would be of better quality especially as many people call flasks Thermos’ anyway regardless of the make, very much like Hoovers when it comes to vacuum cleaners. Mr ESLT works long hours on ships, often through the night, sometimes they feed him, sometimes they don’t, therefore he uses a flask to take soup with him just in case.

He filled his flask with a regular sized tin of piping hot soup at 7.00am, popped it in his backpack and headed on his merry way. The quoted temperature retention time for this flask is 14 hours for hot liquids (24 hours for cold liquids), however, he was not prepared to test the theory as by 1.30pm he was hungry, the poor lamb. Needless to say, the soup was just as hot as when he poured it in 6 1/2 hours before. The the two layers separated by Thermos’ vacuum insulation kept it at a great temperature.

Product Review: Thermos Light and Compact Flask, 0.35L Keeping Drinks Hot or Cold

The flask is as the name suggests light and compact which is great for Mr ESLT as his work bag of tricks also contains an iPad, notepad, pens, tide tables, and a million and one other things that I don’t really understand but that he tells me are über important. Therefore, he does not need the added weight of a big and heavy flask in there too. It is the perfect size for a tin of soup, however, if you are a coffee or tea fiend (like me) maybe a bigger one would be more suitable for you. Why not check out the thermos flask comparison guide here so you can compare different flasks in more depth.

For £11.99 this flask is reasonably priced compared to others, however, the quality is great. It is sturdy and suitable for travel because of its size and weight. Also, the fact that it is stainless steel inside and out makes it look more expensive than it is. It has a simple push top which allows you to open and close it with ease and it pours well into the included cup meaning no splashing, which is great for Mr ESLT as a soup-stained white shirt is not the one, especially when at work.

All in all a handy flask at a reasonable price. Mr ESLT has made it very clear that I am not allowed to ‘borrow’ this one!

  • We were gifted this flask in exchange for review.



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