Guest Interview – Anny’s Adventures

Anny from Anny's Adventures

This week’s guest post comes from Anny’s Adventures. She explains ‘Ever since I can remember I loved to travel, my parents would take me an my sisters on different holidays every year, mostly driving around Europe at that time, it felt magical! From then on I was hooked, always helping my dad find the next exciting…

Travelling By Car? Pre-Journey Tips

Pre-planning is needed when taking a road trip

Mr ESLT and I are heading to Iceland in November. We made the decision early in the planning stage that we wanted to see more than just Reykjavik. So in order to do this we plan to hire a car and explore as much of the island as possible. As I have never driven abroad…

Legendary Sicily: Exploring the East Coast

Eastern Scilly

Sicily is a great place to visit if you are going on holiday. The Mediterranean island has incredible beaches, historical sites, and a stunning countryside. If you only have a week or two it is best to explore either the East or the West. Here is a guide to discovering the magical eastern half of…

That Time Our Organs Almost Got Harvested….Maybe!


*The following happened in Bratislava, Slovakia. However, I believe it could have happened anywhere. I do not want to tarnish this great city in anyway.* One night something very odd happened. I would like your opinion on it – am I over reacting or was I right to be concerned ……….

Bratislava: Bratislava City Card

Bratislava City Card

Bratislava City Cards offer you the chance to see more of Bratislava for less. On our recent visit to Bratislava we tried out the 48 hour cards. Having never used city cards before we were eager to see what we could do, what we could see and what we could use by having them. We…

Guest Interview – EmbraceLifeTravel

Maria from EmbraceLifeTravel

This week’s guest post comes from EmbraceLifeTravel. She states I am not sure what it is about nature that has such a calming affect. Probably, there is a link between our human nature and the relationship with the earth. After all, we don’t truly need cell phones and computers to survive as a species; just to…


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