Cuba: 5 Reasons Why I’m Heading Back To Havana

Cuba is at the top of a lot of people’s bucket lists, that is, if they haven’t visited already. And for some like me, you’ve already been but have re-added it back onto your list of places to visit. Visiting the largest Caribbean island has never been easier with a number of tour operators, such as Destination2, offering perfect package holidays there. Advertisements

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Cuba: Where you Need to Head to Make the Most of its Natural Beauty

When you think of Cuba it’s most likely the pastel coloured buildings and cobbled streets of Old Havana that come to mind. Whilst the charms of the gorgeous crumbling town is one of the country’s greatest allures, Cuba’s natural beauty is arguably even more of a reason to visit the island. Situated in the effortlessly gorgeous Caribbean, Cuba is the largest of all the islands with a heck of a lot of  natural beauty to boast, here’s where to head to make the most of Cuba’s incredible natural beauty on your visit:

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