Empathy in Action: Fulfilling Careers That Make a Difference Anywhere In The World

Are you someone who finds deep satisfaction in helping others? With a passion for making a difference in the world, you may be interested in a career that allows you to exhibit empathy daily. In this article, let’s explore some fulfilling career options that allow individuals to make meaningful impacts with their work. Supporting Disabled Individuals Working with disabled individuals is a rewarding career choice that provides ample opportunities for…

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The Benefits of Internships Abroad

If you have just left college or fancy a change of career but are worried about the competitive job market, maybe an internship is ideal for you. You will get the opportunity to learn on the job which could help you forge the way in your chosen career. You can undertake an internship anywhere, there are probably placements close to home. But if you are looking for an internship that…

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How Business Etiquette Differs Across the World

Shaking hands, sending gift baskets and muting yourself on Teams – if you work in the corporate world in the UK, you’ll be aware that these are just some of the unwritten rules we adopt when working in the business world. But how might this differ as you travel across the globe? Here are some examples of how business etiquette may vary around the world. Japan Within Japanese business culture,…

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Business Travel Tips and Tricks

Frequent business trips can quickly take their toll. Therefore, business travellers should find ways to ensure every trip can be as comfortable and successful as possible. Whether you need a professional business environment in order to handle presentations or if you need to pitch a new product to potential investors and clients when on the road. Or perhaps you just need to find ways to make packing for an upcoming…

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Is Business Travel Insurance Worth It?

If you travel for work you’ll know that an important business trip has enough pressure surrounding it without external problems factoring in. Flight delays, cancellations, illness – hopefully, it will not happen, but the fact is that it could happen. Business travel is distinct from leisure, family or personal trips, and the factors that must be covered are different as a result.

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The Important Differences Between Leisure Travel and Business Travel

Travelling for leisure and travelling for business are really two very different ways to travel. One of the main things differentiating the two is more often than not – want vs necessity. Travelling for leisure is something that I’m sure everyone wants to do and if they are lucky enough, they get to do. Business travel, on the other hand, is usually because your boss has requested that you do…

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