The Important Differences Between Leisure Travel and Business Travel

The Important Differences Between Leisure Travel and Business Travel

Travelling for leisure and travelling for business are really two very different ways to travel. One of the main things differentiating the two is more often than not – want vs necessity. Travelling for leisure is something that I’m sure everyone wants to do and if they are lucky enough, they get to do. Business travel, on the other hand, is usually because your boss has requested that you do it because it is necessary to get your job done, this could be to attend a meeting, to visit a site etc.

The other biggy is the likelihood that if you are travelling for leisure you will book your trip yourself, whether that be each component separately, and if like me – absolutely love it. However, when travelling for business, it is more than likely that your employer will make the arrangements for you, therefore it is important that they use a company such as Statesman Travel Group, who will take care of everything based on your requirements.

Having travelled extensively over the years for both leisure and business we have comprised a list of differences below which you may never have considered and we hope you find it useful especially if you have never travelled for business before and don’t know what to look for when doing so.

Leisure Travel

Like a good deal/low price: When we are paying for travel and accommodation ourselves we always want to feel like we are getting the most for our money. Something doesn’t necessarily have to be cheap, as quite often cheap equals not very good, but it does have to be good value for money. With so many price comparison sites on the internet, finding the right flight and/or accommodation within our set budget couldn’t be easier, especially if we can be flexible when it comes to destination, date and duration.

Read reviews and listen to recommendations: As bloggers, we always look to other bloggers when it comes to where we visit and where we stay. It’s always important to read around half a dozen because, as with anything, you can’t please everyone all of the time, but if 5 out of the 6 are saying it is a great place to visit, the likelihood is that it is. Also, recommendations from friends/family are always taken into consideration when deciding on our next trip/hotel booking. They are after all the people who know us best, therefore they are likely to know what we like and more importantly, what we don’t like.

On-site facilities for the win: After a long day of exploring, we like nothing more than heading back to our hotel and taking a dip in the pool, whether that be an outdoor pool in hot destinations or a heated indoor one in cold destinations. We like the hotels we stay at to have a bar for a pre-dinner drink (or 3) and more often than not a nightcap before bed. Evening entertainment and kids clubs to occupy the little ones for a few hours always get the big thumbs up from our friends who travel with their families. All of which business travellers do not have the need for, or do not have the time to use.

Business Travel

Location, Location, Location: Location is key and possibly the number one priority for all business travellers. Ideally, business travellers want to be located in the hotel that their conference is being held or as close to the venue or site they have to visit. Time is money and if you are travelling on business the likelihood is, you don’t want to be trekking the length and breadth of the city just to get to your meeting on time. If you do have to travel, then it’s important that you are located near public transport hubs or in a well-populated taxi/uber area.

C’mon Let’s Get Connected: we live in an age where we need to be connected 24/7 and this is never truer than when travelling for business purposes. We may need to receive or send emails, google something, Skype our boss to let them know how the trip is going and the most important thing – FaceTime our loved ones back home to let them know we arrived safely and are thinking of them. Therefore, it’s vital that the hotel you stay at has a fast and stable wifi connection. Some hotels offer basic free wifi with the option to upgrade for a small fee – always take the upgrade!

Do Not Disturb: often when travelling for business, time is limited and you may have some work to do leading up to a presentation or conference. Therefore, it’s important that you stay at a hotel where everything is either available in your room or it can be delivered to it i.e. a workstation, a laundry service and in-room dining. The big things for me are a TV with a number of channels for me to watch as I unwind after a long hard day of either travelling or working, others may prefer a gym, and of course, a big comfortable bed to ensure a good nights sleep.

Maybe, just maybe if your boss/company is on board you could combine the two and enjoy a few days at leisure following your business meeting? Allowing you to actually see some of the city/town that you are visiting, not just the inside of your hotel room. Also, they may allow you to take your partner along for the trip? Just remember you don’t get if you don’t ask!

Do you travel for business regularly? Could you offer leisure travellers any advice?

  • Post written in collaboration with Statesman Travel Group


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