Making Your Honeymoon Special In Five Easy Steps

Making Your Honeymoon Special In Five Easy Steps

Of all the holidays you’ll ever take, your honeymoon is probably the most important. Not only is it a time that you can use to really relax from the stress of wedding planning, but it’s also the time that you get to spend with your partner when the rest of your lives are stretching out beautifully ahead of you. More than almost any other time in your life, you want to use your honeymoon to make great memories. Here are some tips to help you out with it…

Decide What You Want From Your Trip

First of all it’s important to decide what exactly you want from your trip. Some people might want to go backpacking for a month, but other couples might want to lie on a beach for a couple of weeks. Remember that you can combine experiences – if you go to Europe you can do the Harry Potter studio tour in London before jetting to the south of France to experience amazing cuisine and perfect beaches. Make a list of what you want from your honeymoon before you book anything.

Talk To Your Partner

It’s important to make sure that you both get what you want from your honeymoon – if one of you is a total foodie and the other one only really cares about getting to go surfing, make sure that you find a compromise in the middle of the two by going to a beach resort that has great waves and amazing seafood for the evenings. Compromising happily is the best way to start your life together.

Be Prepared

Be sure that you pack carefully – it’s important to know what you’re getting yourself into, and you don’t want to spend the first few days of your honeymoon trawling through all the local stores for high factor sunblock or that exact brand of mosquito repellant that you aren’t allergic to. Cover all your bases for a much happier time.

Add Luxurious Touches

If you really want to splash your cash and have the best vacation ever, make sure that you splurge on a few things that you wouldn’t otherwise go for – a Michelinstarred restaurant for your two week anniversary, perhaps, or even a private plane via Jettly to get you exactly where you want to go. The fact that this is a once in a lifetime trip means that you should really make it feel that way – say yes to that scuba diving trip and that honeymoon suite.

Don’t Over Plan

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Finally, make sure that you don’t over plan your time when you’re away – you don’t want to stress yourself out by having certain things that you have to do every day. The purpose of your honeymoon is to spend time with your beloved and you shouldn’t forget that. Write a list of things that you’d like to do together while you’re away, but don’t force yourself to pack them all in – let yourself be loose and free with your schedule so that you can do whatever you want whenever you want.

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    It takes both to enjoy the honeymoon!