PR and Image Disclaimer

PR/Sponsored Posts

If you’re a PR rep/brand ambassador we would love to hear from you with regards to press trips, hotel reviews, restaurant reviews product reviews etc – please do not hesitate to contact us. I am extremely interested in forming PR affiliations, but please note that they must be in keeping with my blog i.e. travel related. As of 1st September 2015, all reviews/products that have been offered on a gifting basis will be disclosed as so at the bottom of the post. All reviews are our honest opinion.

Collaborations/Guest Bloggers

We love Guest Bloggers. We want to get to know you! Therefore we publish one interview per week (Monday) that we have conducted with fellow Travel or Lifestyle Bloggers. This give us and you, the reader, the opportunity to get to know other bloggers better. We also publish a Hometown Tour Guide post once a month (last Friday of the month) which has been submitted by a reader or fellow blogger who loves where they are from and wants to let the world know why! If you would like to take part in either an interview or be a Hometown Tour Guide – please drop us a line.

Copyright Policy 

Unless stated otherwise, we, Vicky & Chris Etherington, are the legal copyright owner of all content that appears on this website. This includes all written and multimedia content, graphics and photographs. The material on this website may not be reprinted, republished, modified or used in any other way, without our consent. To gain consent, simply contact us including your full name, domain name and a brief explanation of how you intend to use our content.

Image Disclaimer 

All(*) photographs on this website have been taken by us (on one of our many cameras – these change all the time) unless they feature in a Guest Post Interview or Hometown Tour Guide post. Photographs on those posts have been provided by the person who has submitted the post to us. * Some photographs may have been obtained from the company of the place/thing we are reviewing or which have been released free of copyrights under Creative Commons CC0.

Our Rights

As the authors and editors of this website we reserve the right to edit and amend any content as and when we see fit. we also reserve the right to disallow/remove any comments if we deem them to be inappropriate, discriminatory, aggressive or inclusive of any explicit language and/or content, constructive criticism is of course welcome!

Don’t Let Our Honesty Offend You

We hope that our words would never offend you but if they do please either leave our website or contact us and let us know why….maybe it’s a mistype? We try not use crude or vulgar language on our website, we simply try to be as open and as honest as possible.