Europe: 5 of The Best Sailing Locations

If like us you’re obsessed with Below Deck Sailing Yacht, you’ve probably drawn up a list of sailing locations in Europe you want to visit. We certainly have. The idea of chartering a yacht through the pristine waters is something we endeavour to do in the near future. Mr ESLT is a seafarer by trade. He’s been a marine pilot for 20 years, prior to that, in the merchant navy…

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Take Your Holiday to the Water This Year

While we’re finally seeing the tumultuous events of 2020 fade into the rearview mirror, there are still repercussions for travellers and global nomads. Whether you’re still worried about infection exposure, or simply frustrated at closed ports and limited travel opportunities, it’s time to consider taking your holiday to the water his year. Both yacht and boat charters offer you a wealth of socially distanced travel opportunities to enjoy globally. While…

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Best Land Excursion Cruises in 2020

Cruises can be one of the most exhilarating trips you can take in a year, whether it be a summer trip to Alaska, a winter trip to the Caribbean or a spring trip to Europe. Whatever the case, you can find cruises virtually everywhere. However, some of the best cruises have land excursions where you can take time to take in the beauty of the place you’re taking a cruise…

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What to Do When You Get Sunburn on a Cruise Ship

Holidaying on a cruise ship can be one of the most exciting and stress-reducing activities you can do. It was once seen as a holiday option for the more mature amongst us. However, cruising is now becoming increasingly popular with younger generations too. Depending on the type of cruise, the destination and the month you take your trip may result in you partying outside on the deck or lounging while…

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An Essential Guide To Booking A World Cruise

It’s called “The Ultimate Cruise”, and for very good reason. This is because a world cruise involves circumnavigating the world. There are quite a few cruiseliners that undertake this epic voyage that takes you right around our blue planet. Of course, you will need to have 3-4 months free to be able to complete this epic voyage. But not all of the passengers will be on board for the entire…

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Why An All-Inclusive Cruise Ticks All The Boxes

Quite often there is a misconception surrounding cruises. They are considered to be the holiday choice of the elite and/or older generations. However, that is simply not the case. In fact, taking a cruise is an option that everyone can and should consider. From singles cruises to Disney cruises and not forgetting adults only cruises. There is a cruise for everyone, even for people who don’t like cruises! Also, cruises…

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Why Your Children Should Be Involved In Planning Your Next Adventure

As a child, I was extremely lucky and I travelled with my parents quite a lot. My parents more often than not included me in the planning process, from asking where I wanted to go, to what I wanted to do. Sometimes they took my suggestions on board, sometimes they didn’t. I think asking to visit the moon was simply a step too far. Maybe my early involvement in travel…

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Why We’ve Booked A Cruise and Why You Should Too

As part-time travellers picking where to head on a two-week break is a tough decision. It is a big chunk of time to allocate to one trip. Therefore it is important to make the right decision. After hours of scouring the internet and ruling a lot of places out, we eventually decided on a cruise. Yes, we’ll be heading to Jamaica, before sailing around the Caribbean and Central America in January…

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Everything You Should Know About Taking an Independent Island Hopping Holiday

It’s increasingly common for people to spend their holidays out on the water sailing between different islands. It’s a good way of kicking back, seeing a few different places and getting away from the confines and trappings of ordinary life. There are some things you should know and understand before you set off on your island-hopping holiday though. You don’t want to derail your holiday just because you didn’t know…

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Sail The Mediterranean, See The Sights and Make Some Cruise Mates

We love Spain and have visited many times over the years, in fact, a visit to the island of Majorca with my parents is one of my first ever travel memories. Spain is the perfect summer holiday destination in southwestern Europe and in a prime location in the Mediterranean. It offers sunshine, friendly locals, great food, history, culture and the coastal towns offer crystal clear waters. It is perfect for…

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