European City Break Inspiration: From The Bloggers Who have Been (N-Z)

Rome, Italy

There are so many cities in Europe that are worthy of a visit, too many to list here. However, I have worked with some awesome bloggers who have actually been there themselves to pull together three posts which feature some of the most amazing cities in Europe. I’m sure if you are like me, when you are planning your next break you do a lot of (in my case probably too much) research? Hopefully these posts will help you during that process, after all you want to ensure that you have picked the right city for your break. Be warned they will induce wanderlust!

Ohrid, Macedonia
Ohrid, Macedonia

We picked Ohrid because of its low prices, incredible scenery and its casual nightlife. September was sunny and warm during the day with no rain! Being the end of the season we had many of the attractions almost to ourselves, St Johns Church and the a hike in the national park were definitely favourites. Ohrid is very inexpensive, we spent less than €100 daily including plenty of local wine and three course dinners. If you take one piece of advice from us, go to Via Sacra and order the ‘pork-in-a-pot’. Its our favourite dish from the last four months.

Read more about Ohrid here – Nothing horrid about Lake Ohrid: A Complete Guide

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Oslo, Norway
Oslo, Norway

I decided on visiting Norway having previously visited Sweden and Denmark and wanting to tick another beautiful country off the list. We visited in June and it was unexpectedly hot. We loved going to the Royal Palace and watching the changing of the guards as well as seeing the ducks in the gardens. We also discovered a real hidden gem in the Oslo Reptile Park which even had monkeys and snakes that we were able to hold. It was fairly expensive but we over-budgeted and ended up coming back home with money! It’s a beautiful city and I felt safe at all times but do watch out for the street beggars in the city centre as they can be quite intimidating sometimes.

Read more about Oslo here – Why Oslo Should Be Next On Your Holiday List 

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Rome, Italy
Rome, Italy

Rome is perhaps our favourite city in the world. My favourite time to visit is Autumn/Winter when there are less tourists. Christmas is particularly special in Rome when Piazza’s are filled with carollers and markets. One of the best things about Rome is that it can be as expensive or cheap as you like. Walking around the city is one of my favourite things to do stopping for gelato, pizza or coffee on the way while taking in the amazing sights. Given its combination of great food, history, and culture it’s a must visit for everyone!

Read more about Rome here – Top Reasons Why Rome is a Perfect City Break for Families

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Salzburg, Austria - Image Credit
Salzburg, Austria – Image Credit

We chose to visit Salzburg this summer as I’ve been before in winter and loved the city, but some of the sights like the fountains are usually covered up for protection so wanted to see it in full splendour in the summer season too. Make sure to get yourself a glass of Aperol Spritz and sip it overlooking one of the squares in the sun if you visit! The Hohensalzburg Castle is a must-see for spectacular views over the city, or venture out of the city to see Schloss Hellbrunn’s trick fountains and gardens.

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St. Andrews, Scotland
St. Andrews, Scotland

In July, we visited the town of St. Andrews. We were in search of a small local experience while in Scotland and what better place to do so than the “Home of Golf?” July was a great time to visit. The weather was cool and overcast but we were able to avoid the infamous Scottish rain. Our favorite experience in St Andrews, while it is hard to narrow down, was walking around the iconic Old Course, which is open to the public every Sunday. The town is luxuriously quaint while catering to any wallet or visitor.

Read more about St. Andrews here – St. Andrews Travel Guide

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Stavanger, Norway
Stavanger, Norway

I love city breaks and one of the great things about living in London is that you can have connections to pretty much any European city. After I visited my friend who lives in Copenhagen, I kind of got a Scandinavian bug, so I suggested to her we should explore the area more. We both researched some good locations and flight times and decided that Stavanger ticked all the boxes for us in terms of coordinating flight times, accessibility and variety of things we wanted to do and see. We went in late September and weather was really good. We had just a little bit of rain one afternoon, but otherwise it was nice and sunny. The temperature was comfortable to just wear an autumn jacket or coat. I have a feeling, though, that we were very lucky. Usually it rains 24 days in September and the average temperature is 12°C (55°F). Stavanger is located close to the magnificent Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock) – square rock formation resembling a pulpit and overlooking stunning Lysefjord. You should probably allow a day for the trip but the views along the hike to the Pulpit Rock are magnificent and of course from the Pulpit itself. I’m afraid Stavanger is expensive, but then again whole Scandinavia is. However, you can make your trip cheaper. For instance, we both decided to dine out in the evenings but for breakfasts and lunches we made our own sandwiches and salads from a fresh products bought in a local supermarket. We used Airbnb (much cheaper than a hotel) and stayed in a lovely flat owned by ever so nice lady. She lived in the house and rented one of her spare rooms on Airbnb.

Read more about Stavanger here – Weekend Getaway in Stavanger

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Trujillo, Spain
Trujillo, Spain

The annual cheese festival lured me to the charming town of Trujillo, Spain during the sunny springtime. Daytime temperatures were comfortable, and evening al fresco dining was pleasant at restaurants with heat lamps. Food is not expensive at €12 – €20 for a dinner entree, but it can be rather salty. While sampling local cheeses was the highlight, panoramic views of the old town and countryside at Trujillo Castle can be enjoyed year round, whether you pay to enter the castle or simply visit for sunrise and sunset. For a relaxing taste of Spanish small town life, charmed with birdsong, trek to Trujillo.

Read more about Trujillo here – Trujillo, A Truly Encantador Spanish Town

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Venice, Italy
Venice, Italy

I love Italy, having previously visited Rome and Milan, and Venice was somewhere neither me or my friend had been before. I’ve always been intrigued by the concept of a City that is built on water. We visited in May, and the weather was sensational (if you like it nice and hot that is!) Nothing but blue skies and sunshine. It’s difficult to name main attraction that we loved as I loved everything so much, the food was incredible and the weather was perfect for exploring all the back streets where we found some hidden gems. We found Venice surprisingly inexpensive, I was impressed at just how cheap it was for food, drink and transport. You can find some great lunch deals, and cheap cocktails at the bars that do happy hour. The only issue I had was the mosquito’s! They ate me alive. I would Absolutely recommend visiting. I can’t wait to go again. Don’t be too concerned about staying in an expensive hotel as you will spend most of your time outdoors. Go for cheaper accommodation and save your money for the independent boutiques or treating yourself to some Murano glass!

Read more about Venice here – Venice: Part 1

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Warsaw, Poland
Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw was actually chosen by my stepchildren for our summer holiday destination and truth be told I knew very little about it before we arrived! Travelling in August we had some lovely weather aside from one day of heavy rain but we took advantage of the bad weather to visit the Copernicus Science Centre with all its ‘whiz-bang’ gadgets! More than anything I just loved exploring the city by foot as it has a variety of distinct districts and so much green space, but I particularly loved the Old Town (actually only 60 years old!), the Palace of Culture and Science and Royal Lazienki Park. I was gutted I wasn’t able to visit the Neon Museum though, as it’s only open a few days a week!

Read more about Warsaw here – Why Warsaw Should Be Your Next City Break

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Zagreb, Croatia – Emily, Put The World To Rights

Zagreb, Croatia
Zagreb, Croatia

I visited Croatia in mid-September and didn’t want to miss out on the capital. It rained the whole time but that didn’t matter. I loved the Cathedral (the tallest building in Croatia), St Mark’s Church and the cute little area surrounding it. I also enjoyed the Museum of Broken Relationships (as it made me feel all kinds of emotions), and wandering around the Art Park. I wasn’t a fan of the lower town; it’s not as pretty or as interesting as the upper town. I found it to be the cheapest town I visited. Great accommodation, food, and transport were all reasonable. Museum entry prices can add up though. I’d definitely recommend visiting. Don’t overlook it because it’s not near the sea!

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I hope these fantastic write ups have given you some food for thought, have you been to any of these cities? We’d love to hear your thoughts on them. Or have you visited anywhere (N-Z) that you would recommend and why?

Thank you again to all the wonderful bloggers who were involved in producing this post!


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