Awesome Activities You Should Try When Travelling

Awesome Activities You Should Try When Travelling

Are you a planner like me? Or a ditch the map and fly by the seat of your pants, kind of person? There are pros and cons for both of course. I personally find that if I don’t have a list of the activities I want to do I fear I may end up missing out on a number of key attractions, not seeing all the famous sites and landmarks etc. and possibly just aimlessly wandering. My main aim is to travel without regrets and make sure that the money I have invested in my experience does not go to waste. As they say, you only live once, therefore, I feel it’s important to make every second, especially when travelling, count. In order to achieve that goal, here are a few awesome activities you should try when travelling; obviously, some of them are location dependent.

Mingle with the locals

An excellent way to gather information about your destination and discover the best places to visit whilst there, often hidden gems that aren’t on the tourist trail, is to talk with the locals. It will also help you understand their culture, beliefs and traditions further which in itself is a very enriching travel experience. Locals are also the best source of information when it comes to where to eat; they usually have the best restaurant recommendations.

Capture moments

Travel Photography
As a traveller, I very rarely venture anywhere without my camera, even if it just the one on my iPhone. I love to capture photos of all the places I’ve been to. They are a great way of reliving the great times I had whilst travelling and also showing family and friends upon my return home.

Take a hike

If you’re an adventurer, hiking is probably very high on your list of activities to do when travelling. It’s important to ensure you are dressed appropriately and have the necessary equipment with you too. Whether you hike through countryside, mountains or cities, it is a great way for you to see your surroundings.


Fishing on your Travels
If relaxation is the main aim of your trip, then fishing is an activity you really should try. Fishing needs a lot of patience and often a lot of concentration, therefore, check out websites such as Ultra Fisher which give you excellent tips and explain what essential equipment you will need when fishing. Just think of that feeling of achievement once you catch your first fish.


Kayaking is an ideal activity for adventurers and adrenaline junkies and can quickly become a very addictive pastime. Depending on your fitness level and where you are in the world depends on what level of kayaking you will be able to take part in. Even if you are a beginner, I’m sure you will find somewhere that will be willing to teach you the basics. I will be honest I’m not the greatest kayaker, however, I do try and the scenery is usually a great reward for all my hard work.

Food Tripping

Food while travelling
What could be more amazing than going on food trips while travelling? One of the main goals I have when travelling is to try ALL of the local delicacies. From street food to fine dining restaurants, go out and eat and try the locally prepared and authentic food for yourself, and even if you don’t like it, at least you can say you have tried it. Also, quite often certain foods taste different in their country of origin than they do at home.

Island Hopping

Island hopping is a great way of seeing a number of places during one trip and usually offers the whole package when travelling – swimming, boat rides, snorkelling and diving. If you’re on a tight schedule then island hopping is a perfect solution if seeing as much as you can in a short space of time is the main aim of your trip. You may find others doing the same route as you, therefore it is also a great way of making new friends along the way.


Surf while travelling
Surfs Up! If catching waves is what you love, then surfing is the perfect activity for you. For those with no experience, not to worry, if you are at a surf hot spot the likelihood is that there will be a local surf school who offer lessons to beginners. Surfing is a great way to learn something new while having fun.

Go climbing

Mountain climbing can be extreme, but very exciting. It is important that you wear the correct safety gear during your climb, in order to reduce the possibility of an incident. There are many places around the world to climb, depending on your ability and experience. To become a good climber takes, patience and practice, yet the views you are greeted with are a great reward for all the hard work you have put in during your journey to the top.


Skydive when travelling
For those who have got the budget, and stomach for it, then skydiving from an aeroplane is probably an activity on your ultimate travel goal list. Not only will you be able to experience parachuting down, but you’d get a priceless view from hundreds of feet above. It won’t just be memorable, but it would also be a fantastic story to tell while you are travelling.

Road trips

If you are scared of heights and would prefer staying on the ground, yet cover a large distance then road trips are ideal for you, providing you have got a licence of course. It is the type of travel that allows you to drive from one destination to another while playing music, enjoying the scenery and stopping off whenever you see something interesting or simply feel like it. True, it’s not extreme; it is a more chilled and relaxing way of travelling. For those who are live a stressful life and don’t want tiring activities, then this would be the perfect way to travel
People vary and so do their interests and their taste when it comes to travelling. Travelling is about making memories and enjoying the journey.

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