Travelling The World on a Budget: Can It Be Done?

Travelling The World on a Budget: Can It Be Done?

If you want to see the world and are a position in your life where you can do so- don’t let a thing like money hold you back. You don’t actually need very much to get you on your way, and so if you can find a way to make it work, then you always should. You can earn more money, but you’ll never get back this chance. Many people reach a stage in their lives where having a family, a job and other responsibilities such as caring for sick relatives means they can’t just get up and leave. So seize the opportunity, and travel the world on a budget!

Use Public Transport

Using public transport is a much cheaper way to get around and see your destination compared with hiring a car or paying for taxis. Look online for the best deals for cheap tickets on things like buses and trains. Some services now even offer premium buses with added extras like wifi for an affordable cost. You could look at Shofur bus tickets for more information and prices.

Work While You’re Away

If you don’t have a whole lot of money saved up when you go away, you could work while you’re traveling to fund your trip. You could look into seeing if any schemes are being run where you work, or volunteer for a certain number of hours in return for food and accommodation. Alternatively, you could freelance while you’re away. Blogging, Youtube, writing and design are just a few of the ways you can work from your laptop and earn money on the go.

Eat Smart

Food is likely to be a big cost while you’re away. Dining out for every meal, even in cheap chain restaurants will add up (plus, it’s not the healthiest). Instead, make trips to markets or grocery stores for ingredients you can prepare healthy meals with. It will work out a lot cheaper and save you on a big chunk of money. When you’re traveling on a budget, you’ll want to save your cash for real experiences. Eat cheaply and then dine out at the occasional nice restaurant instead of blowing your money on unhealthy meals out every day.

Stay In Hostels

Hostels are much more cost-effective than hotels. If you sign up to a hostel chain, it means you can stay at any of their hostels anywhere in the world. While you won’t get a five-star experience, travel hostels are a lot nicer than you’d probably expect. And when all you need is a place to wash, rest and lay your head each night before setting off the next day they’re all you need. If you’re backpacking, you could plan out your route by looking at the location of different hostels on a map. Around all of the fun and exciting sights and attractions you want to visit of course!

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