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Menorca Vs Mallorca

Menorca Vs Mallorca

Mallorca and Menorca are two of the most popular holiday destinations for people looking for a bit of hard earnt relaxation and rejuvenation under the Spanish, summer sun. However, there can be a lot of confusion about the difference between these islands and what both of these islands have to offer. So today we intend to put the confusion to rest and outline the differences between these islands and which one is best depending on the type of holiday you are looking for.


Majorca Beach
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Neither Mallorca nor Menorca are going to disappoint when it comes to beaches. The beaches alone are reason enough to visit either of these islands. Mallorca as the largest of the islands boasts the most coastline and therefore the most amount of beautiful beaches to choose from, so Mallorca just pips Menorca to the post of this one. Mallorca has a coastline of 555 kilometres and there are over 200 beaches to choose from so any holiday to this island will involve a lot of exploration to find your perfect beach.

Menorca offers about 75 different beaches to choose from and as Menorca is more about the little hidden coves, nestled around its coastline, the beaches are generally a little wilder and has the sense of being more undiscovered and totally unspoilt. So if you are more into charming craggy coves and hidden secrets than Menorca is definitely the island for you.

Restaurants & Dining

Paella, Spain
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Again both islands are fantastic places to go for bona fide foodies. Both islands offer top-notch European foods and dining experiences. As Mallorca generally welcomes more tourists than Menorca the facilities and service there are slightly more sophisticated in Mallorca than in Menorca. So if you are looking for really sophisticated dining then Mallorca just wins out. However both islands boast an extensive array of fresh fish and healthy Mediterranean gastronomy.

Getting Around

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As both islands are reasonably easy to navigate there are a wide range of options available when it comes to exploring both islands. As Menorca is smaller, many people chose to jump on bicycles as an active way to see the island and visit its rustic little villages and towns. Mallorca, as the larger island, is generally navigated by car or by scooter or motorbike. Bullimoto offers gorgeous Vespas and other top-notch scooters that can even be fitted with tour guide satellite navigation that will be able to steer you around the island and pick out the best places that you should visit.

City Culture

Palma, Majorca, Spain
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Both islands are famous for offering rustic and historical towns and villages and neither will disappoint on that front. Mallorca’s capital, Palma is a thriving and bustling city full of fantastic bars, restaurants and heaps of historical buildings and monuments. Although Palma is the most populated city of the Balearic islands it has a real holiday vibe that allows visitors to while away the hours navigating the charming streets and taking in the charming buildings and sights. Menorca’s largest cities Ciutadella and Mahon are much smaller and less populated than Palma so offer a much calmer and more relaxed city experience.

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2 comments on “Menorca Vs Mallorca

  1. Both will appeal to us since we’ve not been to either!


  2. Both look amazing!! I’ve never been but now people how have returned to Menorca time and time again!


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