Wine Fanatic? Put These Trips On Your Bucket List

Wine Fanatic? Put These Trips On Your Bucket List

One can only dream of a life spent travelling the globe tasting different wines. From the vineyards of California to the wine and cheese of France, our planet has a pretty plentiful offering.

Wine tasting at Vineyards is a unique experience that everyone should try once in their life at least. But for the die-hard wine fans, things can get even better than this with wine trails and whole experiences. The fun nature of these experiences mean they are just as good to do with your friends as with your partner.
Start compiling a bucket list of all the vineyards you want to visit and wines you want to taste. Tick them off once a year or gradually over your whole life. Or maybe go for a whirlwind wine road trip and do them all at once! Here are a few picks of the bunch…

Napa Valley Wine Country Tours

We have got to start with Napa Valley. The globally renowned wine region boasts some of the finest grape-growing we ever did see. Sign on for a full day of wine and good company. You will be driven around the locals’ top picks of wineries and get to taste a fair few glasses yourself.  Learn all about Napa Valley wines; how they are made, why certain bottles taste different and the history of the whole region.

The Hermann Wine Trail, Missouri

Go wine sampling through the beautiful Hermann Wine Trail in Missouri. The trail meanders alongside the iconic Mississippi river for around 20 miles, so you can take in the breath-taking scenery as you travel through. You’ll stop at 7 charming family-owned wineries along the way. Be spoilt with hands-on knowledge and local stories from the people you are guaranteed to meet on your trip.

Wine Festival in Bordeaux

Red wine, white wine, sparkling wine. You name it – you can drink the finest samples here. Every September, the Ban des Vendanges de la Jurade de Saint-Emilion takes place. This is actually more of a wine ceremony than a festival. It formally announces and celebrates the start of a grape harvest in a slightly spiritual manner. A cortege of several dozen costumed ‘jurats’ walk through the village to a church service, and then to the 13th Century Tour de Roy, which dominates Saint-Emilion, to proclaim the start of the harvest. Smaller scale events around the occasion. This kind of ceremony happens in various places across France is and truly something you have to experience in person if you are a wine-lover.
Why not just carve your own path through your chosen path of wine? Travel for weeks, years, months and just taste every wine you possibly can. Start with France. Then hop across to Italy. Work your way through Europe and then head across to Central America. Keep a record in your journal of the different tastes and grapes in each location for you to look back on fondly. Who knows, it could even be a bestselling travel guide one day!

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  1. September 16, 2016 / 8:51 am

    I can also recommend Moldova for wine lovers – you can visit the world’s largest wine cellars as well as small family affairs, and buy extremely good wine at extremely reasonable prices. We’ve just come back from there and were surprised to find that Moldova is rated as 7th amongst the top wine exporters of the world.

  2. Anisa
    September 16, 2016 / 4:01 pm

    There are so many places for great wine vacations. I was in Rioja in Spain earlier this year and just loved it. Another lesser known area that I love is the Finger Lakes in upstate NY, I love the Rieslings there.

  3. September 16, 2016 / 11:40 pm

    Looking forward to doing the Napa/Sonoma area. It’s the next leg on our travels …
    By the way, we’ve been enjoying the British Columbia whites so far on the trip. Cheers!!

    • September 19, 2016 / 3:26 pm

      Nigel and Jane, if you’re coming to Napa/Sonoma any time in the future, you may enjoy our wine country blog: We live in Napa and try and feature some of the places we think are the most special. Follow us if you like what you see.