The World’s Your Oyster! Inspirational Ideas For Travellers Searching For Something Different

The World’s Your Oyster! Inspirational Ideas For Travellers Searching For Something Different

Do you spend most of the year looking forward to spending a fortnight in the sun and chilling out? If you’re a fan of travelling, nothing improves your mood or motivates you like the prospect of your next trip. When you have limited time or resources, it’s easy to get stuck in a holiday rut. Before you know it, you’ve been to the same resort in the same country a handful of times. There’s nothing wrong with revisiting places you love, but there’s a great big world out there, ripe for exploration. If you’re keen to switch up your travel plans this year, here are some inspirational ideas.

Working abroad

If you can’t afford to take an extended break, it may be worth considering working abroad. If you don’t have a job you love or you’re looking for a change of scenery, working overseas is an amazing opportunity to experience new cultures and earn money at the same time. You may learn a new language or simply develop your skill set and expand your social circle. You can investigate all kinds of roles, such as seasonal and temporary jobs or even a transfer with your current employer.

Outdoor pursuits

Are you usually a sun, sea, and sand kind of holidaymaker? If so, why not get out of your comfort zone, and enjoy the adrenaline rush of outdoor pursuits? There are all kinds of activities you can try, from caving and climbing to bungee jumping, hiking, cycling, skiing, and snowmobiling. You don’t have to go the whole hog and camp out under the stars, but it’s exhilarating to try new things and spend time in the great outdoors. If this sounds appealing, countries like Iceland, New Zealand, the US, Canada and Australia are well worth considering for your next trip.

Taking a gap year (at any stage of life)

Gap years are usually associated with school and university leavers, but there’s nothing to say that you can’t travel later in life. You don’t need to take a year out, but an extended trip will provide you with experiences that you’ll never forget. We tend to think of holidays as short periods of time spent in sunny places, but there’s so much more to see and do. Embrace the hustle and bustle in cities that never sleep, enjoy the tranquility of lagoons surrounded by nothing but golden sands and clear blue skies or trek through tree-lined labyrinths. There’s something liberating about travelling off the beaten track, and you’ll learn a great deal about the world, as well as discovering more about yourself. If you love the idea of taking time out to be an intrepid adventurer, look into round the world tickets, invest in a backpack and an international travel adapter, and start planning a rough itinerary.

Are you bored of looking at other people’s photos of incredible places? If so, why not take the plunge and do something different this year? Swap your annual ski trip or beach holiday for a trip that takes you out of your comfort zone. Go trekking in the jungle, swim with sharks or climb mountains. The world is your oyster!

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  1. January 6, 2017 / 4:20 pm

    We definitely recommend working abroad!

    • February 7, 2017 / 12:17 pm

      Thank you Lindsey and safe travels to you too 🙂