4 Things You Can’t Forget To Pack When Taking A Trip

4 Things You Can’t Forget To Pack When Taking A Trip

Are you bad at packing for your travels? Do certain things often slip your mind and you leave them at home? If so, then this article will help you out. I’ve listed four things most people forget to bring with them that can really improve your trip. Check them out and make sure you pack them!

Multiple Charging Supplies

I could’ve separated this point into numerous other points, but I thought it would be best to just lump everything together. Charging supplies refer to anything that relates to charging an appliance. This can be plus and plug adaptors for your phone/tablet/laptop. It can mean spare batteries for each of these things or portable power banks too. Bring as much as possible to ensure your essential devices never run out of charge and leave you in a tough situation. These days, we always need a charged phone to take pictures, look for nearby attractions, and to call a Uber to take us back to the hotel.

A Hammock

A what? Yes a hammock! Believe it or not but hammocks are actually essential for making your trip more fun. They provide you with a portable sleeping space where you can chill and relax in the sun. Let’s say you’re walking on a lovely beach and come across two perfectly positioned palm trees. Whip out your hammock and you have somewhere to laze about in all day long. Some even come with their own poles so you can set them up wherever you like. But, make sure you choose the right hammock for your trip, click here to find out more about choosing hammocks.

A Neck Pillow

Unless you’re traveling in first-class on a fancy airline where the seats turn into a bed and they provide you with pillows, then you’re gonna need a neck pillow. These things are essential for getting comfortable on a plane, train, or even in the car. They give your neck some support and allow you to drift off and get a few moments sleep during your journey. This saves you spending the rest of your travels with a sore neck that bugs you the whole time and distracts you from the amazing time you should be having.


This next thing is slightly less fun and a little bit serious, but it needs to be included on this list. Before you travel, ensure you have a little medical bag full of medication. This can include any prescriptions you have, as well as general things for health and wellbeing like paracetamol and antihistamines, etc. This is to ensure you have stuff on you just in case you do get sick. It’ll sound gross, but I highly recommend you bring some diarrhoea medication too, as foreign cuisines and water can upset your stomach. It may be worth packing a small first aid kit too just in case you have a small accident.

There you have it! Four things you can’t forget to pack when travelling. Of course, I made sure to include a few things that most people tend to forget. I didn’t speak about obvious stuff like your phone, passport, etc. Hopefully, you already know you should be bringing them with you! If you found this article helpful then maybe consider checking out another travel preparation post we put together.

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  1. AlicevstheWorld
    January 6, 2017 / 1:07 pm

    I always need multiple charging supplies when travelling! My phone has a annoying habit of dying at the worst possible moment, and it’s never good trying to find your way around a new place without google maps!