Guest Post: World’s Best Art Destinations for Sculptures

Guest Post: World’s Best Art Destinations for Sculptures

Art has the unique ability to move generations of people across both time and space itself. The only catch here is that the creator has to produce pieces which can both last the unrelenting onslaught of time and the fickle nature of the human species and our penchant for war. Across the century and even the millennia, many entire cultures and civilizations were saved from being forgotten thanks to the discovery of one clay pot or intricately carved sculpture.

Here are a few destinations for the connoisseur of art to enjoy.

Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece

While Greece is certainly an ancient country, their artistic capacity is definitely not limited to the Old World. The Hellenes have always been on the forward path as it relates to representing the human form in marble, stone, and bronze.

Bronze Sculpture

To be able to properly interact with each piece, here are a few museums which can show the life each piece of art has:

Sculpture Greece

Remember that carrying back a piece of history hurts rather than helps so please remember to stop at a gift shop instead of removing a piece of the local history.

The Moving Underwater Art Museums

Dotted throughout the Caribbean, Mexico, Spain and England, there has been a recent push by the artist Jason deCaires Taylor to use the ocean itself as a canvas.

Underwater Sculptures

There has been a near total collapse of the marine ecosystem due to human activity; a solution has been devised to help with the rebuilding efforts. These sculptures reflect the current human experience by casting locals and their current lifestyle. Nature- friendly materials are used which includes a pH- neutral concrete with pores to allow for anchorage. This speeds up the formation of reefs and it combines the willingness of mankind to fix past wrongs with the beautiful paintbrush of nature accepting the apology. 

Underwater Scultures

Author bio: Rana Tarakji is an entrepreneur and a contributing writer at Stylerail, a lifestyle blog as well as Sataco, an electro mechanical company in Lebanon.


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