5 Ways To Protect Your Home While Travelling

5 Ways To Protect Your Home While Travelling

As the old saying goes ‘an Englishman’s home is his castle’, well Englishperson but you get my drift, therefore it’s important to ensure we protect and look after our castle at all times, more so when we are away from it. I am quite security conscious and ensure the doors and windows are locked when not in use and always set the burglar alarm when I go out of even to bed.

When we go travelling I also ensure we put a few extra measures in place to keep our house safe and secure until we return especially after the house refurbishment we’ve just gone through – a lot of blood, sweat, tears and obviously cash went into it. Therefore we want to protect our investment.

Here are our 5 tips for protecting your home while travelling.

Inform Your Neighbours

We live in a day and age where we don’t really don’t know our neighbours anymore, especially if we live in large cosmopolitan cities. Maybe the old community spirit is still alive and well in some areas, especially small towns and villages. However, if and where possible getting to know our neighbours offers great benefits, especially when it comes to protecting your property when you are not there. As the people who live closest to you, if you inform them that you are away, they can keep an eye out and if they notice someone or something suspicious at your house, they can notify you or the police straight away. Also, if you get on really well with your neighbours, maybe you could ask them to put your bin out while you are away and water your plants if you are away for a week or so.

Leave a Spare Key with Someone

If you feel comfortable enough to leave a spare key with someone then it is advisable you do so. Imagine losing your key and not being able to get back into your house upon your return. Pick a trusted friend or family member who lives close by should you need to pick your spare key up quickly. Do not leave one under a plant pot or your doormat as they are the two most obvious places for a burglar to look first. Also, by doing this it can invalidate your home insurance policy. If you don’t want to leave a key with someone and the worst does happen and you lose yours, you will need to find a reputable locksmith who can gain access to your property for you, ideally a company who offers a 24/7 service, so you don’t have to wait too long to get in especially during the night, or after a long flight.

Ask Someone to Pop In

Maybe the trusted family member or friend that has your spare key could pop in to check your house is ok while you are away? We have cats, therefore our friend visits twice a day every day while we are away to feed them. Whilst he is there, he also opens and closes the blinds, collects our mail from the doormat etc. Also by having his car in our driveway a couple of times a day indicates that someone is at home, therefore potentially putting off burglars. We also ask him to vary the times he visits so if someone is watching the house, they do not know when he is going to turn up. If you are not friendly with your neighbours, as mentioned before then why not ask your friend/family member to put your bin out/water your plants. Depending on how long you’re away for, a couple of visits during that duration may be enough.

Install Timers on Your Lights

Table lamp
I remember my nana and granddad and my mum and dad always setting timers for certain lamps to come on at certain times throughout the day when we went on holiday and just assumed it was an old person thing. Well, I guess that I am now an old person as it is something that I do religiously when Mr ESLT and I got away, whether it be for an overnight stay or a month-long adventure. Light timer plugs are a relatively cost-effective way of again creating the illusion that someone is at home. Simply plug your lamp into the timer and your timer into the wall. It is then up to you to decide what times you would like each on to come on. Maybe keep a diary of when you usually switch your lights on and off the week before your getaway and set your timers accordingly to ensure your lights come on at the times you would usually have them on.

Prevent Power Surges

Overloading, power sockets is something that never should be done as it increases the chance of house fires. It is even more important whilst you are not at home as it may go unnoticed for a long time and that’s the last thing you want to come home to. In fact, where possible unplug all electronics that you do not need to leave plugged in whilst you’re not at home, for example, your computer and TV. If you have to leave things plugged in such as your SkyQ box, after all, you don’t want to miss out on recording your favourite TV shows, then it’s imperative that you use a surge protector which is designed to protect electrical devices from voltage spikes as one could happen at any time.
We hope our tips are helpful and help you prepare your property before you go on holiday and protect it while you are travelling to ensure everything is as you left it. You don’t want to have extra stress to deal with when you get home because surely the mountain of washing you’ll have to do is enough!

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