5 Destinations for the Holistic Traveller

5 Destinations for the Holistic Traveller

Do you adhere to a holistic lifestyle? Holistic and wellness holidays aren’t all about yoga and many places around the world can provide more insight into various natural treatments from meditation to essential oils. Travel isn’t always about luxury hotels, fine dining, and sightseeing. Holistic travellers wanting to connect more with their naturopathic lifestyle including wellness and nutrition will be fascinated by the following five destinations.

Uttar Pradesh

Taj Mahal, Uttar Pradesh, India
The subtropical state of Uttar Pradesh is located along the Ganges River in India. Many tourists visit for the intricate beauty of the Taj Mahal and the famous Vishwanath Temple. While these sights are awe-inspiring and highly recommended for travellers to the area, holistic travellers would also appreciate the plants of the Ayurveda. The multifaceted oil of the amla fruit is believed to help with health issues. You can learn even more about it from the locals who’ve been using it for thousands of years.


Tunisia attracts tourists for its wondrous landscape and historic monuments. Here you can visit the Bardo museum to discover Northern Africa’s ancient Phoenician, Roman, and Islamic history. The Sahara Desert offers amazing night views as well. But the natural traveller can also spend time discovering over 11 different essential oils that help with many different health concerns. These oils Nerium oleander, bitter orange (neroli) and Egyptian lavender.

Western Cape, South Africa

Cape of Good Home, Garden Route, South Africa
This province, home to the famous Cape Town, is a nature lover’s paradise. It’s where you can hike to the top of Table Mountains or tour the beautiful beaches of the Garden Route, not to mention see the Big 5 up close and personal. One plant indigenous to the Western Cape is wild sorrel, which boasts a wealth of health benefits, like boosting circulation and regulating healthy blood pressure within the normal range.


There is certainly more to Bulgaria then just its beaches, in fact, tourists visiting can partake in diverse experiences. A land of mountains, waterfalls, and ancient ruins, Bulgaria is a collage of cultures, from Ottoman and Slavic to Greek and Persian. Additionally, there are a variety of beneficial plants, like burdock, valerian, and rare rose otto. Natives often use the rose otto flower on women who’ve recently given birth for its calming properties


Those with an affinity for majestic scenery can trek to the high peaks of the Himalayas or meditate by the golden Buddha. But Tibet isn’t just home to meditation, there are many staple foods in Tibet including roasted barley, yak meat, and butter tea. It’s also home to plants like spikenard, which can uplift your mood, aid in relaxation, and improve the health of your skin.
If you love travelling and adhere to any holistic lifestyle, the above destinations are sure to interest you as they all offer something different. With natural settings and healing plants, they’re ideal for the naturopath seeking adventure.

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