How to Organise Your Suitcase Before Packing It

How to Organise Your Suitcase Before Packing It

Most people love to travel…but hate to pack. We battle between overpacking and forgetting something essential. We struggle to make it all fit.
Travelling for something other than a holiday is even worse because it adds a whole other list of things to bring. Before your next departure, follow these simple tips to help you organise your suitcase before you even put anything in it!Write it Down
Make a list before you pack your case
Don’t even touch your suitcase until you have made old-fashioned, hand-written lists:

  • Start with trip-specific essentials, such as travel documents, materials for a conference, gifts, swimming costume, and technological devices (don’t forget chargers or batteries!).
  • When it comes clothes, pick out a specific outfit each day, rather than throwing in random tops and bottoms and hoping for the best! Of course, bring a lot of neutral colours and items that can be worn twice and won’t wrinkle easily.
  • List all the toiletries you think the hotel won’t have. Only bring what you will definitely need, and don’t forget medications or contact solution.
  • End with everyday items, such as your mobile phone charger, the book you read before bed, reading glasses, medications, etc.
  • Use a leather plannerto organise all your packing lists. A good planner makes a great travel journal and place to put reminders for the rest of the trip. Add the journal to the list!

On a Roll

Roll up your clothes instead of folding them into the case. This saves a ton of space and keeps your suitcase organised. If you don’t have time or resources to iron your clothes each day, rolling them actually keeps them looking smoother than folding them. Rolled clothing also makes great padding for fragile items.

Bags Within Bags

If you do not have a set of packing cubes then large ziplock bags are a travellers’ best friend. Use one bag per outfit for easy access each morning. Use separate bags fortoiletries you worry might leak, chargers and batteries, medications, and anything else you like to group together. Organise your travel lists by bags as an extra check system. Pack a large bin bag to serve as your travelling dirty clothes basket.

Extra, Extra!

Pack some spare clothes
As a rule of thumb, it is always better to bring just a little too much than to end up having to purchase items on the go. Pack an extra outfit (especially underwear!) in case you get stuck somewhere. Leave a little extra room in case you bring things back with you.
These tips will help you avoid feeling like you need a holiday from packing for your holiday. They will also ease the stress of preparing for a business trip or unexpected departure from everyday life. Bon voyage!

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  1. Feb 12, 2018 / 6:46 am

    I love the lead photo and especially the suitcase ! You’ll be pleased to know that we still travel with cases almost like that, no wheels or frills but a steal at only £15 for two from Wilkos in 1990 and still going strong !! Oh yes, that’s our style, none of those pricey, swish, glider types for us lol. Also, a good thing to pack is a small bag of washing powder for laundry especially if nearby shops only stock those big jumbo packs – a bit is always useful for those little emergencies.