Get Away From It All: Blissful Island Paradise Breaks You’ll Love

They say “No man is an island” and, although that’s geographically accurate, is it true in the way they mean it? What they mean of course is that no-one can survive without making connections. People need friends. But there are those of us who actually prefer to be less connected.

Don’t take this as some manifesto for becoming an introvert – it’s nice to have people around and, if you are travelling, you do need to rely on some. But there is something in the idea of taking a holiday somewhere quiet, somewhere relaxing. Somewhere that IS an island. You can go for splendid isolation or somewhere more convivial. But the upshot is that an island holiday is less rushed, less hectic.

It also helps that island destinations are some of the most beautiful in the world. If you want a “get away from it all” break that really does get you away from it all, then the following destinations are worth a try.

Easter IslandIMG_4840.JPG

And right now, I bet you’re thinking of the statues, right? Well, those stone sculptures are what Easter Island is best known for. A territory of Chile located in the South Eastern Pacific, it is known for other things, too. A gorgeous natural backdrop for a holiday and stunning beaches are among the attractions. The stone heads are, by the way, known as moai.

Tasmaniaimg_4841The largest island in the world (that isn’t a country in and of itself), Tasmania is a state of Australia that is a prime destination. If you like quiet walks among natural scenery, there are treats in store here. There is also a lot of wildlife to get acquainted with, including the Tasmanian Devil. No, they don’t look much like the cartoon character. Yes, they are incredibly cute.

Madagascar IMG_4842.JPGA major factor in why island holidays are so idyllic is the fact that the islands themselves are usually unspoilt. Ask anyone who regularly holidays in Hawaii or Iceland. They’re not backward or hostile, but they have retained more of their soul than most places.

Madagascar is another example of this. Covered in national parks, there is no shortage of attractions here. Make sure you see the Rova of Antananarivo, and Avenue of the Baobabs. The latter is lined with the eponymous tree, native to the island.

The Maldives IMG_4843.JPG

If you want to combine quiet, unspoilt beauty with luxury, then there’s no better setting than the Maldives. Beaches that are unrivalled anywhere in the world, a sea that is the most beautiful shade of jade. Jumeirah Dhevanafushi is a particularly beautiful spot for a honeymoon. To make a long story short, it’s a great spot to holiday with the one you love – and also a place you will fall in love with.

Sure, sometimes you want a holiday where you can go out at 4 am to buy a hot dog or pizza. And cities exist where you can do just that. But other times, if you want something magical, you’ll need an island. And the four destinations named above are very wise choices.

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