Poland: 6 Great Things To Do In Gdańsk

Visiting Poland had always been somewhere we had wanted to visit, so when we came across ridiculously cheap (£20 return) flights to Gdańsk, it made sense for us to visit. We planned our visit for the end of January, therefore we knew it was going to be cold, but we did not realise just how cold until we actually arrived. Luckily we had packed for the occasion complete with snow boots, winter woollies and all the knitted accessories you can think of, so we were able to explore to some degree before the weather took its toll and we had to…

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Poland: Food & Drink For The Gallivanting Gourmets in Gdańsk

Looking back at all the food I wouldn’t eat as a child is actually shocking and if only I could go back in time and tell my stubborn younger self to suck it up and eat, or at least sample, all the food given to me. Some of my now favourite foods I actually didn’t try until my late teens/early 20s. It certainly wasn’t because my parents didn’t try; it was simply because I was fussy. Yup, a whole 20 years insisting pizza was gross without even trying it – idiot!

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