Why & How We Should Protect The Future of Travel

Flood, Climate Change

We love to travel and I am sure if you are reading this you do too. It’s ace, isn’t it? Chucking your stuff in your bag and hitting the road, high seas or air. But, and this is a SCIENTIFIC FACT, we are ruining our own planet, meaning some of the places we visit now will look very different in only a few years time unless we do something about it NOW.

It’s hard to believe that some of the leaders of the largest countries in the world do not believe, or at least will not admit, that climate change and global warming are actual things (eye roll). For some reason even though a million and one studies have been conducted and the same outcome has been reached, they are too stubborn, egotistical, moronic (probably all of the above) to even realise that if they / we carry on damaging the planet at the rapid rate we are, sooner rather than later we will pass the tipping point and there will be no coming back.

Some of our favourite places will no longer be viable holiday destinations. If you have kids or plan to have them, imagine them not having the opportunity to visit some of the places we have. Check out this recent blog post from TravelPlanners who have, in a very tongue in cheek way yet backed up by scientific evidence, of course, outlined how things WILL change unless we change.

So if certain leaders aren’t listening and enforcing laws or legislation in their own countries, home to some of the largest pollutants in the world may I add, and in fact brandishing it ‘fake news’ (double eye roll) then we as individuals must do all we can to at least endeavour to slow down the demise of the world and try to ensure the longevity of travel to certain places for future generations.

I’m sure none of us are stupid and knows what needs to be done yet how many of us still let out an audible gasp, I imagine some people even cried, when we saw the mum whale carrying her dead baby in the BBC programme Blue Planet 2, even the living legend Sir David Attenborough couldn’t believe we could let this happen. If you haven’t seen it, grab the tissues and give it a watch and you’ll soon realise the heartbreaking effects we are inflicting on not only the planet but the animals we share it with too.

You may think how can I change anything? And in reality you as an individual won’t change the world single-handedly, however, if we all make changes, the uphill battle may become that bit easier. So here are three easy things you, and I, can do to try to ensure travel is still possible for future generations and wildlife does not suffer as much as it currently is.

Refuse The Straw

Refuse The Straw

Will you still be able to drink your coke, cocktail, fruit juice without one? If the answer is yes then step away from the straw. In fact, specify that you would not like one when ordering your drink. If you do need a straw, for medical or even personal reasons why not carry a pack of recyclable straws with you in case the place you are grabbing a drink from does not offer them, why not even suggest that they should consider using them instead of damaging plastic ones? More and more bars, restaurants and clubs such as Wetherspoons and Wagamama are removing plastic straws from their establishments, let’s hope more follow suit soon. Keep up to date and show your support by following and using the #refusethestraw hashtag on social media.

Use a reusable bag

Tote Bag

Since October 2015, the law in England requires large shops in England to charge 5p for all single-use plastic carrier bags in order reduce litter and to encourage people to reuse them. Now I don’t know about you but I don’t like spending money unnecessarily, therefore for me, the law has worked as I now very rarely buy carrier bags and according to the BBC ‘In the six months after the levy was brought in, 640 million plastic bags were used in seven major supermarkets in England, compared to the 7.64 billion bags used by the same shops back in 2014’. Instead, I always ensure I have a stack of them in my car for when I do the weekly big food shop. I also usually have a little fold down bag or tote bag inside my handbag for those random purchases I seem to make all too often, however on the odd occasion that I have forgotten one I will often simply carry whatever I have bought.

Plant a tree

Plant a tree

As travel bloggers, Mr ESLT and I take a number of flights each year, not as many as some but a lot more than people who just take a two-week holiday every year. Therefore our carbon footprint is something that we are conscious about. A number of travel bloggers donate trees on a regular basis to Blogger Grove which is a grove of trees in the Scottish Highlands. It really is something we should do too, especially as we seem to be taking more and more flights every year. You can even set up your very own grove for just £50 for 8 trees with each subsequent tree only costing £5 each, the trees are planted by Trees for Life to create a beautiful, wild forest with each tree planted helping to offset your environmental impact by “breathing” in CO2 emissions as it grows.

Shocking isn’t it? Scary even. Whatever way you look at it, we are in this together, so let’s make some simple changes today to ensure we can continue to travel in the future.

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