10 Car Hire Tips Everyone Should Read

10 Car Hire Tips Everyone Should Read

Hiring a car offers a cost-effective way to travel and see all the world has to offer. In order to ensure people get the most from their rentals, Budget Rent-a-Car has ten tips that everyone should read before signing on the dotted line. Once you arrive at the rental company, the car you reserved should be clean, prepared and ready to go. We suggest you consider all of the following information before signing for it and driving away.

1. Consider The Kind Of Vehicle You Need

The smallest car they have may not be suitable for your needs. You should think about the number of people travelling with you and the number of bags each will be carrying. Safety and comfort should be top priorities.

2. Find Out What Is Included In The Rate

You should verify everything that is included in the rate you are being charged. It may sound like you are getting a bargain, then there are hidden fees that make the costs soar.

3. Don’t Forget Insurence

In Europe, Collision Damage Waivers and Third Party Liability coverage are typically included. You may be given the option to purchase Theft Protection. Be clear about whether or not this is offered since you don’t want to end up being responsible for a stolen vehicle. In Italy, you are required to purchase coverage against theft.
In many areas, there is Excess Reduction coverage that can drastically reduce the amount you owe in the event that something goes wrong. In the United States, it is suggested that you add Supplementary Liability Insurance instead of renting and having the minimum coverage in place. You should compare insurers to get the best deal.

4. Plan Ahead

If you are headed abroad, planning ahead and locking in a low rate is a great way to stay within a set budget. This also means that you are guaranteed to have a vehicle available to you.

5. Rent From A Well Known Brand

It is a wise choice to do business with a well-known global rental agency, especially if you are abroad. They are likely to have more locations, more cars to choose from, higher standards of quality. It is also likely they will have roadside assistance available in case of emergencies. Also, if there is an issue, there is more likely to be someone who can help you without language being a barrier.

6. Check For Vehicle Damage

Before you get behind the wheel and drive off, make sure there is no damage. Even the tiniest scratch should be reported. Otherwise, you may be billed for something that is not your responsibility. Also, check the fuel gauge so you know how much fuel will need to be added to the tank before returning the vehicle.

7. Check The Tyres

Always make sure that the tyres are in great shape, have deep treads and they have enough air in them. Some customers bend the rules and go off-roading with the rental cars. This can cause bulges and cuts.
It is also a good idea to check the windscreen wipers to make sure that they are not badly worn and there is sufficient water in them.

8. Become Familiar With The Controls

It is important that you are comfortable with all of the components of the vehicle. If there is anything you are unsure of, ask someone to explain it to you and/or request a copy of the manual that came with the care. You should also check the oil and fluid levels and check the brakes before you leave.

9. Take Advantage Of Roadside Assistance

Make sure that this feature is offered with your reservation and request any information that will be needed in the event you are in an accident. Check the glove compartment to see if the documents you need are located there.

10. Verify The Fuel Type and Fill Up The Tank

Always make sure that you are certain of the fuel type needed for the vehicle. Using the wrong one means that you may have to cover the cost of getting the engine cleaned and any lost revenue.
The tank of the car should be full upon your return, or at a predetermined level. Failing to do so will lead to hefty premiums.

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