5 Reasons For Not Traveling, And Why They’re Wrong

5 Reasons For Not Traveling, And Why They’re Wrong

Many individuals try to avoid traveling because there could be too many problems. The trip could be very expensive and could require too much time. The process for planning for a trip can be exhausting for a busy person. The reservation for a hotel room can require several hours of research about the hotel amenities and about the area that surrounds the hotel. The trip could cause feelings of frustration and loneliness.

Emotional Turmoil

There should be an objective for each trip such as going to a museum or shopping at an outlet mall. A traveler will not feel lonely or frustrated if there is an itinerary for the trip. The typical business traveler is forced to include several meetings in a schedule, which will severely limit the amount of time that is available for shopping or for sightseeing. If the schedule for a trip is too hectic, then the visitor could simply take a break and spend some time relaxing in the hotel room.

High Costs

The cost factor for a trip can be controlled with several different methods. A personal loan can be used to finance the trip. The traveler could decide to save a weekly amount until he or she had enough funds for the trip. Some websites, such as Fund My Travel, have an option for a person to post a request for donations, which would be used to cover the costs for a trip such as for a medical appointment.

Schedule Conflict

The problems from a schedule conflict are usually caused by too many obligations. The process for controlling the conflict is similar to the process for saving funds for a trip. The traveler could move some obligations to the week before the trip and other obligations to the week after the trip. If the person is obligated to care for a family member who cannot travel for the trip, then a relative, friend or a professional caregiver could be asked to provide care for that family member.

Complicated Preparations

The preparations for a trip can be completed in several easy phases such as for developing the plans, making a list of the supplies and for making decisions about the hotel room. If a traveler is overwhelmed by the preparations, then more time should be used for developing the plans. Most problems are caused by incomplete preparations and by starting the process for the preparations on the night before the trip.

Difficult Decisions about Hotels

The hotel reservations are very important because a room may not be available during the week for the trip. The reservation should be made at least two months before the trip and should be confirmed with a confirmation number. If the hotel is exclusive and very expensive, then the traveler may need to make the reservation at least six months before the trip. There is online information for most hotels, which will help a traveler to quickly reserve a room and to easily start the planning phase for a trip.

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  1. October 18, 2016 / 7:07 am

    Agree. There can be NO reason for not traveling in our humble opinion.
    We do know of some folks who yearn to travel but would not lift a finger to plan or research it. They just want to go where its all prepared for them! Hmmm, how would anyone know what they want??! So its their loss…

  2. October 18, 2016 / 8:28 am

    Nice article! very helpful, thanks for sharing!

  3. Our Bumble
    October 18, 2016 / 5:58 pm

    I love travel and have never thought of an excuse to not travel..good article as I never considered people may have emtional obstacles or complex preparations.