5 Top Destinations to Escape The UK January Blues

5 Top Destinations to Escape The UK January Blues

Now, we all know that January can be pretty depressing in the UK. Christmas has been and gone, everyone’s bank balance is looking a little worse for wear, and topping it all off, it’s absolutely freezing and the sun is a distant memory. There is one good thing to come out of this time of year, though: it gives us the perfect excuse to hit the airport and jet off to somewhere a bit warmer! But where to? Below, we take a look at the best five destinations for escaping the winter chill.

The Land Down Under

Sydney, Australia
It seems a bit extreme to go to the other side of the world just because it’s a bit chilly, but hear us out: January is the best time to visit Australia, and there are many reasons why. For starters, it’s summer over there so you can expect great weather and a population that’s in full on summer mode. Oh, and if you’re going that far…you may as well go for three-four weeks if you can of course. By the time you come back, spring will be just around the corner.

To South Africa

Lion, Johannesburg, South Africa
If you don’t want to travel quite as far as Australia, but do want somewhere warm and undeniably different from Europe, look at South Africa. The weather at this time of year is excellent, and there’ll be plenty of goings-on across the country as this is high tourist season. Best of all, you can sample a bit of everything. Stay at the Protea Hotel Johannesburg Wanderers, and you’ll be able to discover the country’s history. Head to Cape Town, and you can hit the beaches. Head to the nature reserves, and you can see the big five. And there’ll be sunshine: perfect!

Off the Coast

Maldives, Indian Ocean
Alternatively, you could always ride out the winter chill on a tropical island. If you ask us, there are three standout selections: the Maldives, Mauritius, and the Seychelles. Every one will make your heart sing. You’ll have nothing to do other than sunbathe, swim in the sea, eat delicious food, and enjoy a few drinks. If you’re secretly hoping to make friends and family back home jealous, then this is the option you should be looking at!

Disneyland and Beyond

Disneyland, Florida, USA
Of course, most of the suggestions so far have been about travelling as a couple. If you’re flying with the little ones in tow, you’ll want to make sure there’s something for everyone. Step up Florida! The weather will be great, you can hit the beach, and the kids will love being taken around all the attraction parks. Plus, who doesn’t love a bit of USA magic from time to time?  

The New World

Dubai, UAE
Finally, for something a bit futuristic, why not consider Dubai? The weather there is always great, and January is as good a time as any to visit. If you have any cash left over from Christmas, you’ll be able to spend it in some of the world’s best stores. Nice!

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