What to Know About Travelling on the Cheap

What to Know About Travelling on the Cheap

Are pictures of exotic destinations popping up across social media, showing your friends having a blast while you think about all the bills due this month? Travelling, whether near or far, is a goal for many people. Unfortunately, sometimes the price tag associated with travelling tends to deter many hopefuls. When you have to buy flights, meals, accommodation, tours, food, souvenirs, resort fees, and more, your dream trip can quickly turn into a bank account nightmare. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways you can cut costs and travel on the cheap. Here are just a few areas you can research for some substantial discounts.


When looking at flights, don’t discredit cheaper airlines. Are aeroplane meals, in-flight movies, extra legroom and that complimentary glass of red really worth it when you could be saving hundreds of pounds? Pack a snack and bring a tablet loaded with games, books and movies to entertain yourself. To get an even bigger discount, plan your trip during the offseason and either book early or wait until prices drop closer to your fly date. Pack light with versatile clothing choices and a bag that fits only the essentials. You can also save space by buying toiletries at your destination. Before booking a transfer from the airport, examine all the taxi and car options available. You may even be able to snag a deal on a hire car. Be brave and take the underground/subway system in a new city, or even rent a bike for the day.


Hotel Gotham, Manchester

While hostels or the sofa in the living room of a stranger may save you some cash, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to enjoy the perks of a hotel. You’re on holiday, after all, and you may be able to find a deal with Travelodge discount codes. Hotels also have the added benefit of different amenities, like swimming pools or gyms. If you’re packing light, you might even be able to do your washing, and complimentary breakfasts will be a blessing if travelling on a budget. After a long day of exploring, sometimes a comfortable bed and a spa session are just what you’ll need, and it’s nice not having to worry about cleaning up.


Food by Region

If you want to save money, take advantage of any complimentary meals your hotel offers. Often you can get a taste of local cuisine without having to leave the lobby. When you’re out and about, ask some of the locals what their favourite restaurants are. Some iconic, famous, or touristy restaurants may charge way more than you’re looking to spend, and a lot of the local places are just as tasty or even more so, all for a lower price.


London Tour

Scout out what you want to do on your trip ahead of time. You might find a discount by booking in advance or as a group. If you’re more of a last minute person, look for coupons, flyers or advertisements at your hotel. Schedule some free time between all the day trips and activities so you can enjoy other experiences you have yet to discover. Many museums or historical sites are free to visit, just don’t forget a kind donation! Some events, like a pottery or glass blowing class, give you a fun time and a personalised item you get to take home. One of the best ways to learn about a new place is to experience it for yourself, so look into something a little out of your comfort zone.

Souvenirs and Other Purchases

Souvenirs from Travel

If you’re travelling to a place that uses a different currency, find out if your bank can exchange your money for you. Some travel agencies have discounts for members, so that might be the route to go. Call your credit card companies before you travel, and consider getting a card that offers rewards or doesn’t charge foreign transaction fees. While many places accept credit cards, you’ll probably still run into a few places that only accept cash. Shops in more tourist-heavy areas are likely to have a ton of cheap and fun souvenirs, but you may be missing out on some incredible items by not branching out. Often you can find authentic, handmade items for reasonable prices if you take a few steps off the beaten path.

There are several different aspects of travelling, and each one of them includes a way to save you money. Planning for travel can quickly become stressful, but with enough research conducted in advance, you can efficiently prepare your dream trip within your budget and don’t forget to check out Travelodge discount codes so you can book in advance and even start earning points.

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