Why Nothing Beats The Freedom Of The Open Road

Why Nothing Beats The Freedom Of The Open Road

I can’t remember being nervous when it came to taking my driving test. But then again I’ve never really been a nervous person, even less so during my teenage years. Yes, I was only of those people – fearless and flighty, both of which I’ve reigned in over the years, slightly. Plus it was something that I had always wanted to do and was adamant I was going to do. I was 19, I wanted freedom. I wanted to hit the open road. I wanted to take a road trip (or 10). I passed my test, I bought a car and the rest, as they say, is history.

Remember To Keep Your Paperwork Up To Date

Well, to a degree. Over the years I have changed car, moved house and even got married, all of which involve being organised and notifying the relevant authority, unfortunately being organised is something I sometimes struggle with, especially when it comes to paperwork. It would be great if the only thing you need to worry about when it comes to cars is filling them with petrol but alas, it’s not. However, changing ownership, my address and my surname were not that difficult at all; all I had to do was contact the DVLA and they helped me out, to ensure everything was up to date and in order.

Sense of Freedom

The necessity to have freedom is something that has never waned in me, even now as I edge towards being 35. In fact, the need may have actually become stronger. The ability and capability to pack a bag and hit the open road is something that I relish and have never taken for granted. Even if it’s somewhere close to home, the freedom to just go, often at the drop of a hat, fills me with joy and appeases my itchy feet in between foreign jaunts. I have been driving now for 16 years and gone are the prompts of‘mirror, signal, manoeuvre’, now it is just something I do, like breathing.

Ability to Hit The Open Road

Ability to Hit The Open Road

As a travel blogger, for me the ability to drive is paramount, I dread to think about all of the things I would have missed out on over the years if I had not been driving myself and being master of my own destiny. From a dodgy 1970s camper along the Great Ocean Road in Australia to a brand spanking new 5-litre Mustang along the Pacific Coast Highway in California and a lot of places in between, having a car, taking road trips and being able to pull over where and when I want, makes me happy.

Don’t Have To Be Reliant on Others

Open roads and excitement fuel (see what I did there?) my road trip adventures and I love the fact I do not have to rely on other people to see things and do stuff. If I want to go somewhere, I can and I will. I’m sure we’ve all been on an organised tour with the most annoying people ever either because they talk all the time, or they are late back to the bus at every stop – urgh. We’ve got places to be people! Plus if I am the driver I can blast out my own playlist and sing along at the top of my voice if I wish – Taylor Swift, eat your heart out.

Run On Your Own Schedule

Taking public transport can be a pain, especially when you need to be somewhere in a hurry and the next bus/train/tram whatever it may be, isn’t due for a while, if it turns up at all. Another benefit of being able to drive and having access to a car is the ability to jump in it and just go. Also, when it comes to some public transport, a seat isn’t guaranteed, prices can be astronomical (especially in the UK), it may be hotter than the surface of the sun etc, making your journey extremely unpleasant.

Therefore, for me driving whenever and wherever possible is a no-brainer. I worked hard to pass my test and I worked hard to save for a car but the pleasure driving has giving me both in my local area and all around the world was all worth it. Do you love road tripping and hitting the open road as much as I do? I’d love your recommendations of where I should take one? The North Coast 500 in Scotland is currently at the top of my list.

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