Places To Explore That Could Never Bore

Places To Explore That Could Never Bore

Travelling can be an enlightening experience. Sure, short beach holidays are fun, as are holidays to places such as Disney World, but they don’t really give you the opportunity to explore the place you are visiting. Soaking up the sun and having fun at attractions are fantastic in their own right, but if you’re yearning for adventure then you need to spread your wings a little and explore not just the famous places and landmarks but the depths of those places too. Enjoy iconic landmarks, by all means, but don’t just take things at face value if you want to truly learn and appreciate your destination.
A true adventurer will never bore of travelling and they are unlikely to visit a tourist-heavy place and hit all the obvious attractions or sights. To be an adventurer you need to be a adventurous. You can’t have an adventure on a sun lounger, can you? There’s only one way you can see the amazing things this world has to offer and that is by getting out there and exploring the for yourself. 
Here are some places to explore that could never bore.

Texas, USA

Texas, USA
Texas is a fascinating state in North America which almost sees itself as its own unique country. Of course, given the distinct culture of this state which is known all over the world, that’s entirely understandable. But where do you begin when exploring such a vast, diverse state marked by desert-like landscapes and the occasional quirky town which seems to be trapped in a time capsule? Well, some of the major cities are certainly fascinating places to begin before venturing outwards to some of the more obscure and less-visited parts of the state.
Houston is a fantastic hub of culture and entertainment. There are brilliant shows, musicals, and other high-quality performances in The Theater District in downtown Houston. Bayou Place would be a great spot to spend the evening if you’re only planning on spending a short while in this city because it contains many theatres and restaurants for an evening meal. If you’re searching for a smaller town slightly off the beaten path, however, (this is an adventure, after all) then you might want to visit Wimberley. Like a village from The Hobbit, this quaint, picturesque little place is an hour’s drive from Austin or San Antonio and is home to many local speciality shops that are really one-of-a-kind.


Seville, Spain
This beautiful country in Europe might often be overlooked for the iconic landmarks of France, mostly in Paris, or the culture and buzzing atmosphere of London in England. Europe is a continent of vastly different countries and cultures but Spain is by far one of the most fascinating. It offers just as much in the way of traditional, historic places and contemporary, modern beauty as any of the other popular tourist destinations in Europe. It’s certainly a place that offers a lot to explorers willing to discover its many depths.
Seville is a transformed city that is a hidden gem for you to explore, however, it is becoming a very popular destination, so try to visit before it becomes too touristy. Only a decade ago, it was a cramped and decaying city that clung desperately to its past in order to draw in visitors from across the world. Now, it wears a brand new face. In fact, its gorgeous aesthetic was enough to help it make an appearance as the setting of several Game of Thrones scenes. But it boasts more than a visually appealing aesthetic; Seville is a city built on art and is reclaiming its roots. If anything, it focuses on the history of its aesthetic. Bicycles, trams, and a lack of traffic all mark a tranquil and pleasant transformation for this must-see destination.


Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
Singapore is one of the most unique places in the world to visit. You might want to get a Singapore room for rent because this certainly isn’t a place that you should see briefly. You need to stay for a few days (or a couple of weeks if you have the time) to really soak in everything that this fantastic place has to offer. Singapore is a city-state with a heap of history but also some mind-blowing modern architecture. If there’s one thing that you’ll know this place for over recent years then it’s probably the astronomically expensive Marina Bay area. The Marina Bay Sands casino, for example, might not be a place you want to spend your money, budget dependant of course, but it’s certainly visually impressive. The property is composed of three skyscrapers with a ship on top of them; it is extremely unique. There’s also a science museum and fantastic nightlife in the Marina Bay area, so you’ll have plenty of options when visiting this part of Singapore.


Edinburgh, Scotland
When it comes to countries that have more to offer than meets the eye, Scotland is certainly one of them. Scotland is often overlooked by visitors to the UK, in favour of its neighbour, England. However, Scotland is a proud place that’s packed full of history, stunning modern cities (with intriguing historic roots), and an abundance of natural beauty. You definitely need to start with the capital, Edinburgh. It hardly feels like a city with its hilly roads, quaint architecture, and glorious green landscape interwoven with the concrete and stone buildings which make up the place. All of which make Edinburgh an amazing city. You can enjoy a rich history lesson in Edinburgh Castle, the optical illusions in Camera Obscura (as well as a view of the entire city from its roof), and beautiful scenery on a walk to Arthur’s Seat.
Of course, if you’re looking to get away from the city (and that’s saying something because Scottish cities are as far from regular cities as you can get) then you might want to get away from the Scottish mainland and see some lesser-known parts of the country. The island of Staffa is host to a magnificent sea cave known as Fingal’s Cave. It’s a work of art created by mother nature; columns of solidified lava have been formed to create wondrous shapes. The curvature of this cave’s roof echoes the sounds of the ocean. Words don’t do it justice; it has to be experienced in person to be appreciated.


Panjin, China
A country that has experienced growth over recent years is China. And this is about more than growth of population; it’s about growth of culture. History is integral to the face of this country, of course, but China has definitely started to craft a new contemporary face for itself. The growth of consumerism, for example, has led to an emerging individualistic middle class in China where none really existed before. The face of the country is changing but its cultural roots remain intact. The natural beauty of the place also remains intact, as seen if you visit places such as The Red Beach in Panjin. Rather than sand, red seaweed marks the face of this intriguing beach but only during autumn; it’s green throughout the rest of the year. It’s certainly something that you’ve most likely never seen before on your travels.
At the end of the day, exploring is all about opening your eyes to new things in the world. It’s by no means a wasted trip to see iconic places and iconic things that you know from postcards or films if that floats your boat. But isn’t it more fulfilling to learn things and experience places you previously knew nothing or very little about?

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