4 Necessities for the Travelling Photographer

4 Necessities for the Travelling Photographer

When travelling, the likelihood is photography will be a big part of your adventure or maybe you actually travel specifically for the photography opportunities, whether it be your job or simply for fun. Whatever the reason you may not know what equipment is necessary and what you should leave behind – it can be a difficult decision. There are endless tools that can make your job easier, but you don’t have unlimited storage and some equipment can be extremely bulky and/or heavy to carry, therefore you need to prioritize what to take with you. While some decisions will depend on where you are going and what you want to photograph, here are a few things that you should take with you regardless of the destination or the purpose of your trip.

Camera and Lenses

This one may seem like a given. However, it is important to genuinely think about your equipment before leaving. You may have different cameras to consider, depending on the purpose of your trip and the security of your luggage. You don’t want to take your most expensive camera, only to have it stolen. You will also want to have a variety of lenses to allow you to capture scenery, portraits, and close-ups. When planning your trip, analyze the types of pictures you plan to take and be sure to pack accordingly while keeping weight in mind.

Quality Backpack

Having a good quality backpack to carry all of your gear is going to be essential for you during your trip. Having a padded backpack for your camera and lenses will ensure that nothing gets damaged during transport. On top of protection, you also want to ensure your bag is big enough to hold everything, and evenly distributes weight on your back. A good photography backpack will have separate storage for your camera, your equipment, and anything else that you need to bring with you on a day trip.

Extra Parts

Cameras are fragile, and even with your best precaution, you may have problems with different parts. It is always a good idea to have extra batteries, lens covers, and chargers. These extra parts may seem like they are only taking up extra space, but if you lose or break your original one, you will be grateful for your spares, especially if you are away from somewhere you could pick replacements up from.

Lightweight Tripod

When travelling, you don’t want to carry around a lot of extra weight, but you still want to the stability for your pictures that a tripod can provide, especially if you are waiting for the perfect shot. Investing in a lighter tripod will save your back and your pictures, but don’t leave them unattended. The fact that it is lightweight means they are more susceptible to tipping over in a strong wind.
This isn’t a comprehensive list of things you need to have a successful photography trip, but it is a great starter, regardless of where you are headed. Use this list to build up your travel photography kit to give you the best pictures possible.
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