Guest Post: 5 Things To Consider Planning Before You Take Off Travelling

Guest Post: 5 Things To Consider Planning Before You Take Off Travelling

Travelling can become quite stressful if there has been a lack of planning. Even if you prefer to go with the flow, it is still advisable to prepare a few things beforehand to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience.  Let us take a look at a few things which need planning before you take off.


Hotel Room
Whether you are travelling for the first time or if you are a regular traveller, it is always better to pre-book your accommodation. After flying to a destination, going around looking for a decent accommodation can be quite tiring. Pre-booking ensures security. You know where to go after landing, and you waste less time and energy. Also, it is beneficial to know beforehand the kind of room you are booking, the facilities and services that are available, etc. Planning and pre booking your accommodation is highly recommended and don’t forget to call and confirm them a couple of days prior to your arrival to confirm.

Health & Security

Always check with your doctor before travelling, especially if you take any regular medication or have pertaining health problems. If you have any prescription drugs, ensure that you are carrying enough with you for your duration of stay. It is also advisable to go through your health insurances and check if your insurance provider caters to any overseas emergency as well.
For a safe and secure travel experience, always keep your passport and documents safe and handy. Leave copies of your passport and essential documents the cloud. While you are travelling, carry a few copies with you as well. This eases the process in case of theft or if you lose your passport and documents. Having yourself registered with your country’s embassy before traveling overseas is also a good option, where possible.


New York City Taxi
If you are travelling for work or holiday and have road transportation involved, it is advisable to pre-plan it. If road transportation is an essential part of your travel, try to have a taxi or rental car pre-booked like Monroe Taxi, 24 hour affordable long range and airport transportation for your convenience. It can be quite a stressful task looking for a cab or rental car when you land somewhere or every time you want to hit the road, particularly in a different country. Even if you didn’t pre-book or arrange before your travel date, it would be a safer option to have this sorted out after you have landed and reached your hotel/accommodation.
Taxi services like Top Paris Transfer and Piyo Cab are available more or less everywhere. Know whether they are easily available or need to be pre-booked. Whether you are attending a couple of meetings or out with your family on holiday, having a pre-booked taxi or car at your disposal is much better than looking for one every time you go out.


One of the most important things to pre-plan before your trip is your finances. You should be well-aware of the conversion rates in the country you are visiting. Reaching a place and finding out about the currency conversion rates can more often than not be an unpleasant surprise. Always do the whole math about currency conversion rate before traveling.
It is also important to check if your card will work in the country you are visiting. Also, inform your bank beforehand, as sudden foreign transactions from your account might be deemed suspicious. Usually, the private vendors or agencies who deal in currency conversion around the airports can be a rip-off. They typically charge much higher rates, and you might incur a loss. Always try to go to an ATM or local bank for exchanging your currency.


It is a great idea to do some local research about the place you are visiting. Whether you have time to kill after your work, or whether you are holidaying; knowing about the locations of interest and events around the place can be very useful. If you find an event you would like to attend, you can pre-book your tickets and avoid the hassle of standing in a queue. A little research about the place will also help you in planning your itinerary and choosing which places to visit based on your interests.
Having these few things organised beforehand can really help you avoid certain unpleasant circumstances.
Author Bio: Carolette Alcoran is a Content Writer from the Philippines. She has rendered services accurately and is flexible in writing various topics. She writes promotional advertisements, issues concerning both virtual and reality, lifestyle tips, marketing trends and also media’s effectiveness. Follow her on Twitter.

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