Top Tips for Taking on Adventure Activities Abroad

Top Tips for Taking on Adventure Activities Abroad

There are plenty of adrenaline junkies out there who love throwing themselves in at the deep end – with holidays popping up every day to cater to this growing breed of intrepid explorers.

Today we’re going to take a look at some top tips for taking on an adventure holiday, which’ll ensure you have as much fun as possible while crucially staying safe.

Stick to Organised Events

Don’t take adventure into your own hands – you’re far more likely to end up having an accident if you do.

Instead, stick to organised holidays which are hosted by a travel company. Doing this means you’ll have trained supervisors watching over you at all times.

It also means there’s much more structure to your daily events, which’ll result in you getting far more done in the bigger picture.  

Pack Accordingly

If you plan to take on several activities on your trip away, make sure to pack for a variety of different climates and conditions.

If you’re heading off on a hiking trip in the mountains, for example, you’re going to want to stock up on plenty of warm clothing.

By the same token you won’t want to take too much gear with you if you’re taking part in something like a water sport activity. Always prepare for the event itself, regardless of what the weather looks like.

Get Insured

One of the most important steps for any holiday-goer, no matter what they’re doing, is to take out insurance to guarantee you’re covered even if the worst does occur.

In some countries the cost of medical stays can become extortionate, with daily hospital costs in the US that can “reach up to $10,000, while emergency transport home can easily exceed $100,000”

Without the financial backing of an insurer there’s a very high risk of having an accident which you yourself will have to pay for.

Stay Hydrated

It’s critical to keep hydrated while taking part in something which takes up a lot of energy –with the sweat you lose from exercising needing to be instantly replaced.

Endurance will be heightened with more water on board – meaning you can do more for longer without putting your body as serious risk of breaking down.

There’s plenty of ways to stay hydrated at important times, so make sure you don’t ever head out to do strenuous exercise without enough fluids in your system.

Use a Buddy

If you do decide to attempt an outdoorsy activity for yourself, make sure you do so with a buddy on hand at all times.

Should the worst really happen, it’s imperative you’re with someone who’ll be able to contact emergency services or go for help in case of a disaster.

Having someone constantly keeping track of you might sound a little annoying, but it’ll go a long way to guaranteeing you walk away in one piece.

These are just five top tips when it comes to taking on adventure activities abroad. If you employ them the next time you’re away, you shouldn’t suffer from any mishaps while getting your adrenaline kicks.

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  1. November 10, 2016 / 10:37 am

    As someone who has participated in a number of adventurous activities over the years (white water rafting, scuba diving, parapenting, paragliding, rock climbing, surfing, snorkelling, wind surfing, skiing, waterskiing, riding assorted animals (camels, elephants, horses, bulls, ostriches (!), yaks), hot air ballooning, rapelling, zip-wiring, dune buggy, quad biking, submarine, kayaking, canoeing, dog sledding, bungy jumping, snowmobiling, jetboating and probably more that I have temporarily forgotten; I totally endorse your post about insurance (especially seeing as I had to be repatriated from a camel trek across the Sahara).

    Many ‘normal’ travel insurances have exclusions for such activities, so it is worth checking before you go – do not automatically assume that just because you have taken out insurance that you are covered. Also check any excess on the policy – a friend of ours ended up paying £600 excess when he crashed a snowmobile!

    Before booking any potentially dangerous activities, always check the safety record of the company you are booking with. A few minutes research on line beforehand could save a lot of trouble, money and heartache afterwards.

    But most of all – have fun!