Why We’ve Booked A Cruise and Why You Should Too

Why We’ve Booked A Cruise and Why You Should Too

As part-time travellers picking where to head on a two-week break is a tough decision. It is a big chunk of time to allocate to one trip. Therefore it is important to make the right decision. After hours of scouring the internet and ruling a lot of places out, we eventually decided on a cruise. Yes, we’ll be heading to Jamaica, before sailing around the Caribbean and Central America in January 2019. It took us a long time to reach the decision to book it as there are a number of misconceptions surrounding hitting the high seas. However, after a lot of research, blog reading and speaking to friends and family it became evident that it was the perfect holiday for us. Here are our reasons why and also why you should book yourself a cruise holiday too.

A cruise for all seasons

When deciding where to visit you must take into consideration a number of factors, one of the main ones being the weather. The old saying “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing” just doesn’t fly with us. For us wherever we visit it has to be the “right” weather. Luckily, there are cruises available around the world at all times of the year. For example between December and April it is the perfect time for a Caribbean cruise and between May and September, it is the ideal time for a Baltic cruise. There are so many options it is guaranteed there is something and somewhere for everyone.

Shake off the misconceptions

There are so many misconceptions when it comes to cruising. For example, they are only for retirees, you have to sit on big tables at every meal time, you must get dressed up to the nines, they are super expensive etc. However, there are so many cruise lines which offer various cruise options, if you are under retirement age, want to dine with only your travel companion in more casual attire and don’t want to pay more than you usually spend on a two week holiday, then it’s not a problem, there are cruises which are ideal for you. It’s important not be put off by the myths, misconceptions and stereotypes.

Cruise Ship at Sunset

See new countries

If you have a traveller’s heart and wandering feet, this is the part of a cruise that will appeal to you the most. During our two week cruise, we will visit 7 counties, 6 of which we have never visited before – how exciting. Yes, we know that cruises only give you one or two days in each port, however, we think it is going to be a great way for us to get a taste of that particular country. We can sample the history, culture and of course, food which will then allow us to decide which ones to revisit for longer in the future and which to chalk off as “been there, done that”. Plus, if you enjoy counting countries you can tick off a lot in one go.

Dine like kings and queens

With most cruise ships offering a range of eateries, you certainly will not go hungry. Most, if not all cruise fares include breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets. Many also have a la carte restaurants that you can pay extra to dine at and some even offer all-inclusive packages which means you can eat and drink as much as you like, whenever you like. We have opted for the all-inclusive option, simply for ease, as it means that we do not have to carry cash with us and we can have that extra cocktail (or five) without worrying about spiralling costs. We cannot wait to try the delights on offer, of which we’re sure there will be many.

Ships Wheel at Sunset

Enjoy the onboard activities

After researching cruises and cruise activities, it appears that we are in for a treat. From the standard swimming pool and hot tubs that most if not all cruise ships have, there is also shopping, cinemas, casinos and even climbing walls to enjoy. Obviously, each cruise ship offers different attractions but it means on your “at sea” days, you really can do as much or as little as you like. Most cruise ships also offer a varied evening entertainment programme which can include everything from singers and magicians to full cabaret shows, meaning day or night you will be fully entertained, if you want to be, of course.

We are really excited about our cruise and cannot believe that we have always dismissed them so quickly before. For us, it ticks so many boxes – roll on January!

Are you a fan of cruising or has it never been on your radar before? If you have never taken one before, we hope we have sold the idea to you and that you enjoy your first cruise experience very soon.

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