Nautical Niceties & 5 Reasons to Choose a Cruise

Barcelona Hat and Marina Bag from Pia Rossini
Barcelona Hat and Marina Bag from Pia Rossini
Barcelona Hat and Marina Bag from Pia Rossini

Nautical stripes sail (see what I did there) into fashion on a regular basis. There is something about the blue/black, white and red combination that screams summer to me. The second I see them, I can imagine myself sat on board a luxury cruise ship, sipping on a Mai Tai watching the sun set. So as nautical stripes are back with a bang this year I instantly fell in love with two of the many gorgeous pieces from the latest Pia Rossini collection. The elegant ‘Barcelona’ straw hat and equally stunning and very practical ‘Marina’ tote bag.

Barcelona Hat

Barcelona Hat from Pia Rossini
Barcelona Hat from Pia Rossini

Hats are my thing. I love hats especially ones that have the added practicality of protecting my head and face from the sun because of its wide brim. This hat has the added bonus of being simply gorgeous. Just wearing it for five minutes made me feel glamorous and felt that it added something to my otherwise plain outfit. Because it is made of straw it will fold down and fit nicely in my case for my upcoming travels.

Marina Bag

Marina Bag from Pia Rossini
Marina Bag from Pia Rossini

I love having a large bag, I have tried on numerous occasions using a small bag however I always carry a lot of things with me, especially when travelling. This nautical beauty is the perfect size for all my essentials – phone, guidebook, lotions and potions, drinks etc. Plus it is sophisticated and fashionable with a number of compartments inside and the oh so important zip fastening which is a must for me and I would never use a bag without one.

Barcelona Hat and Marina Bag from Pia Rossini
Barcelona Hat and Marina Bag from Pia Rossini

Nautical stripes certainly make me want a nautical adventure. There are so many benefits to cruising and here are what we think are the Top 5.

Why Choose a Cruise

1. You only have to unpack once

I love multi-centre trips, seeing more than one place when travelling is a must for me. However, lugging my backpack/suitcase on every mode of transport imaginable and having to unpack and pack it again at my destination is something I could happily live without. So the fact that once you are on board your ship and have unpacked, that’s it, it’s done until it’s time to repack because you’re home again.

2. Cruises are easy to plan

I make no secret that planning a trip is something I revel in. For many people planning any trip at all is a nightmare let alone a two week, multi-centre one. If that is the case then I cannot think of anything simpler then booking a cruise, either yourself online or through a cruise specialist. Simply pick the itinerary that suits you the best, shop around for the best price, book and then sit back and wait for embarkation.

3. Feel the romance

Cruises are becoming a firm favourite of honeymooners, but you don’t have to be a newlywed to feel the romance a cruise has to offer. Many offer en-suite dining. Imagine sitting on your balcony with good food and your beloved – bliss! You could even treat yourselves to spa treatments including a couple’s massage. And dependant on your itinerary, you could walk hand in hand through cities steeped in history or relax on secluded beaches.

4. Plenty of on-board activities

If like me you find it difficult just to sit and do nothing, not to worry. Most cruise ships have so many on-board activities you will never get bored. From hitting the shop, trying your luck in the casino or strutting your stuff on the dance floor, there is something for everyone. However if you do like to sit and do nothing, you can. Imagine sailing the seven seas whilst relaxing on the sun deck or taking a leisurely swim in the on board pool

5. Return list

Granted you don’t get to spend a long time in each port of call. You do however get a good taste of each place meaning you can then write your return list. If you loved the day or so you spent somewhere it may influence your next holiday decision. It also allows you to say ‘been there, done that, didn’t like it’ and at least you have only spent a short time there and not your entire trip.

  • Synonymous with effortless style and affordable chic accessories, this September will see the launch of Pia Rossini’s new online store, allowing customers to shop the whole collection online for the first time. Pia Rossini gifted me the beautiful hat and bag in exchange for review. I can’t wait to use them both on our upcoming adventures, sadly not a cruise but equally as exciting.


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