Travelling – When It Goes Wrong. Who Do You Contact?

Travelling – When It Goes Wrong. Who Do You Contact?

No amount of planning or preparing for your holiday can stop certain things not going as you would like them to. So it’s important to consider a number of things including when it goes wrong. Sometimes things happen that you can not foresee and certainly do not have control over. The key is to be as prepared as possible, within reason, should something happen while you are travelling. I recommend asking yourself some questions including what should you do? And who do you contact?

If you are a regular reader of our blog, you’ll know that I am an Emergency Planner. Therefore, planning for when things go wrong and having contingencies in place, is kind of my thing. Because of this, I have put together a list of things that could go wrong when you are travelling. Together with things you could do should it happen and ways in which you can, hopefully, alleviate the issue.

Problem With A Package Holiday

Package Holiday

I think maybe there is the perception that if you have a problem on a package holiday, it’s easy to sort out. People envision friendly, brightly coloured polo shirt wearing holiday reps at every turn just waiting to help. Now, that might be true when it comes to some companies, but others genuinely make it hard for their customers to seek help or complain. We’ve lost count of the number of times we’ve not been able to find a rep for love nor money. So who do you contact, if you cannot actually speak face to face with someone?

Many tour operators also make finding a contact number for them a job for a super sleuth too. Luckily, there are companies out there that do the hard work for you and publish numbers for hard to reach companies around the world. Therefore, if you’re looking for the On The Beach contact number, for example, you can find it at just the click of a button. Hopefully, then they can help you and your problem can be rectified to ensure you can enjoy the rest of your holiday.

Flight Delays/ Cancellations

Inside Airplane

Flight delays and cancellations are so frustrating. You’ve planned your holiday/trip out fully and you are really looking forward to touching down in your destination and then you get the dreaded news that your flight is delayed or worse still, actually cancelled. It happened to us (and thousands of others) last year when Ryanair cancelled 40-50 flights a day for a number of weeks. The excitement of our trip to Luxembourg was shattered in one text message.

We were reimbursed and compensated on this occasion and as our hotel was pay on arrival and our airport car parking was refundable, we actually weren’t left out of pocket. But who do you contact if you are? Well, there a number of companies that will seek compensation on your behalf for a small fee, of course.

Missing/Damaged Luggage

Protect Your Luggage

If you have seen the video doing the rounds of the luggage handlers throwing luggage around at Manchester airport, you’ll see why and how luggage can be easily damaged. Basically, bags and cases are being thrown off the plane many of them landing on the tarmac with a thud. Having had a number of suitcases damaged over the years, I’d never really known who to complain to about damaged luggage before and simply assumed I would need to claim through my travel insurance policy.

But it’s actually not. So who do you contact? Well, it is actually the airline’s responsibility to ensure that your luggage gets to you and it is not damaged. If your luggage is damaged, you have seven days to contact the airline. They will then carry out an investigation and compensate you if your luggage is not deemed to be defective in the first place.

Lost/Stolen Passport


My prized possession is my passport and I like to know where it is at all times. However, on more than one occasion I have misplaced it resulting in absolute panic. The thought of actually losing it, especially through my own stupidity by me leaving it somewhere, fills me with dread. At least if I lose it at home, I could get a replacement, it would take time and be costly but pretty straightforward. But what if I lost it while travelling, seriously what would I do?

Apart from having a breakdown, the first thing I’d do is cancel it as soon as possible. This will reduce the risk of anyone else using it or attempting to steal my identity. But who do you contact next? Then I would find the nearest British embassy and apply for an emergency travel document, often referred to as an ’emergency passport’.

Lost/Stolen Phone

Mobile Phone

I also constantly worry about losing my phone. Some people have really bad luck when it comes to misplacing or losing their phone. I’ve luckily never lost mine which, to be honest, is pure luck. As a travel blogger, it’s usually in my hand. However, when it’s not, I do have a tendency to leave it out on tables, carry it around in my back pocket etc. Basically, all the things you shouldn’t do if you want to keep your phone safe.

I do have insurance, should I actually lose it. Therefore, I keep the companies contact number written down in my travel document wallet should I need to call and make a claim. But Who Do You Contact as well? I’d also call my service provider to have the number blocked just in case the person who has found it runs up a massive bill which I would then be liable for.

Lost/Stolen Purse

Only Take What You Need When Travelling

Losing your purse or having it stolen while travelling can be one of the most difficult things to sort out. Especially if your cash card is in it and hotels, attractions, food etc have to be paid for. If it’s stolen, you must report it as soon as possible at the nearest police station. On our recent trip to Munich, my cousin lost hers on the first day. Luckily, she could transfer me the cash and I used my card to pay and withdraw money for her. What if she’d been on her own?

Therefore, it’s advisable to keep a spare card with you when but not in your purse or wallet. But who do you contact to let them know? Banks publish their number on their website, so you can contact them to report lost/stolen cards. You should do it straight away to reduce the risk of someone raiding your bank account or running up credit card debts.

Insurance Issues

Packing for a Trip

Holiday insurance is vital, we cannot reiterate that enough. We travelled for years without which was completely reckless. Luckily, we have never needed to make a claim, but knowing we now have it in place should we need it, gives us peace of mind. We have annual travel insurance which also means less hassle as we only need to renew (or shop around for a better deal) once a year.

I therefore always ensure I have a copy of the policy both on my phone and a printed copy in my travel document wallet. Therefore, if something does happen and I need to make a claim I can do it straight away. Another suggestion is having the company’s contact number and your policy number stored in your phone. This then means you can contact them without having to hunt for it. Providing it isn’t your phone that has been lost or stolen of course.

I hope these suggestions help you out if you ever find yourself in trouble while travelling and answers the who do you contact in certain situations question.

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