Types of Accommodation That Every Traveller Should Be Familiar With

Types of Accommodation That Every Traveller Should Be Familiar With

Whether you are taking a two-week holiday or you are a backpacker who intends to stay away from home for months or even years at a time, you need to take accommodation seriously. It really can be a make or break for your trip! Depending on your budget will probably dictate the accommodation you opt for. So, here are a few common forms of accommodation that every traveller should be familiar with.


Hotel Sign
The hotel is the most commonly used form of accommodation for both business and leisure travellers when it comes to travel,  from taking a one night break to a two-week holiday. This isn’t surprising. The average holiday is a time where people seek rest, relaxation, and comfort. Hotels tick all of these boxes. They are generally rated according to a star system; one star is the minimum score and five the maximum. If you have three or more stars, you can generally expect to have facilities such as pools, sun loungers, and additional extras such as gyms and spas which offer massages and other sorts of treatment. Many hotels also offer all-inclusive options, which give you access to drinks and refreshments at the bar all day every day as well as a buffet at each meal time which is the perfect option if you don’t want to carry cash with you or are on a budget as once you have paid you do not need to spend another penny. 


A hostel works on a similar basis to that of a hotel. It will provide you with a place to rest your head while you are away from home. However, you can expect less comfort and fewer luxuries when staying in a hostel. There has been an increase in luxury hostels, which offer private rooms and en suite facilities which many say are just as comfortable as hotel rooms, however, you may choose to stay in a dormitory shared with strangers and you may also have to share toilet and bathroom facilities with them. So why would you settle for this form of accommodation when there are much more appealing options out there? Well, the price. Hostels are much cheaper than almost any other form of accommodation. This is perhaps why they are favoured by students on their gap year and budget travellers seeking to see as much of the world as they can with limited funds.


Breakfast at B&B
B&B is short for bed and breakfast. Again, this is an effective form of accommodation when it comes to getting a roof over your head. However, when you head to a B&B you should expect a much smaller and intimate form of accommodation. These establishments tend to be the size of a large family home and are generally owned and run by an individual or partners rather than a large-scale company with numerous employees. This allows for a more personalised experience, as the hosts can provide exactly what you want and need. The B&B earns its name, as your breakfast is generally included in the price of the room for the night!


If you prefer getting back to nature, you may find enjoy pitching your own tent and spending an evening, or longer under the stars. Camping is an extremely popular holiday option. Just make sure that you do have the right tent for your needs. There are plenty of cheap options out there, but they are likely to make for a less than satisfactory break, as they will be prone to leaking, damp, and the cold. You need something that will sufficiently protect you from the elements and have a ground sheet to prevent your belongings from resting on the bare ground. Once you have bought all of your equipment the cost of camping is relatively low, with campsites usually only charging a small amount per night for your pitch. Or you could always go wild camping of course which costs nothing but ensure you check it is permitted before setting up your equipment. 
These are just a few of the options available out there. But they are some of the most common and those that you are more likely to encounter on your travels! But we cannot forget villas, cruise ships and Airbnb too. Do you have a go-to accommodation type or does it depend on where you are visiting? Maybe you stay in a combination of them all? Let us know….

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