Christmas Gift Guide 2017: For The Travel Lover In Your Life

Christmas Gift Guide 2017: For The Travel Lover In Your Life

It’s that time of year again when you have to choose what to buy your loved ones for Christmas. Maybe they have already given you a full list, maybe they have circled what they would like in the Argos catalogue maybe they just shrug and say ‘whatever you think’. Well if your loved one/friend/colleague is a travel lover then our gift guide has you covered, regardless of your budget. Oh, and if you read all the way to the bottom you will find an extra special surprise which would make a great Christmas present or a treat for yourself…..

The gift of travel

Gift of Travel
What better present is there for a travel lover then the actual gift of travel? Mr ESLT and I never buy each other actual presents, instead, we always take a trip. This year we have pooled the money we would have spent on each other and will be heading to Basel in Switzerland for New Year. Therefore, if you have a travel lover in your life and you are able, why not treat them to the gift of travel? Under30Experiences, which is a small group travel company for young adults ages 21-35, offers group trips around the globe. There’s a Black Friday sale coming up, which will discount almost every trip they offer, so even if you are aren’t in a position to book something for a loved one, there may be a trip on offer you fancy for yourself.

Guidebooks (RRP £13.99)

Time Out Guidebooks
I love guidebooks and have a massive collection, in fact, I always buy one for every trip I take. Ebooks, blogs and review sites are great but there’s nothing like having a physical book in your hands to thumb through, turn down corners and annotate. I don’t really have a favourite publisher of guidebooks, in fact, I’ll be honest I think I have a least one of the each of the major publisher’s books on my bookshelf. However, we were recently sent some Time Out City Guide guidebooks which look to be fabulous resources, packed with great tips and recommendations, both of the usual touristy areas and attractions but also some hidden gems and places that have been recommended by locals. Are you guidebook lovers like us too?

Passport cover (RRP £65)

DarkStar Leatherworks Passport Cover
If you use your passport as much as I do, without a passport cover it quickly becomes dog-eared. Now some people may like the battered passport look, I suppose it is evident it has been used. However, I like to keep mine in pristine condition. Therefore, when I recently received a beautifully crafted from veg-tanned genuine leather passport cover from DarkStar Leatherworks, I was over the moon. The craftsmanship is amazing and the smell of leather is phenomenal. I used it during our recent trip to Leiden and someone if the passport control queue even commented how lovely it is. I can’ wait to use it again when we travel to Abu Dhabi next week. Keep your eye out when we return as we’ll be running a competition to win your own, just in time for Christmas. DarkStar Leatherworks also produce a range of other amazing leather products

Travel tags (RRP £29.99)

Lover of Luxe Luggage Tags
If you have ever taken a package holiday, you will be familiar with the travel tags that the holiday company provide you with to put on your luggage, but come on, let’s be honest they are rubbish. Not like these amazing personalised Saffiano Leather Collection travel tags from Lover of Luxe. Seriously, as soon as I set my eyes on them I knew I had to have them, especially because of the lovely embossed personalisation on them. Sold in sets of two they come in two different sizes – small and large, and three different colours – sand, black and blush. They’re such a lovely travel accessory and the leather used is amazing. Lover of Luxe also produce loads of other fantastic leather travel accessories that I have my eye on as future purchases.

Tunic (RRP £45 – £80)

Miss Tunica Tunic
Even for the most body confident a great tunic to wear over swimwear whilst travelling is a must. I have already packed my gorgeous and very summery Mondello – Dim Jungle tunic from Miss Tunica for my trip to Abu Dhabi next week (full feature to follow). Even though I am staying in a hotel, the UAE has strict rules on covering up and this is the perfect piece to throw on when I want to walk down from my room or grab a drink from the bar. Miss Tunica offers a large range of different styles and sizes (including plus size) meaning it is not just the body beautiful who are able to wear these beautiful and bright tunics/coverups.

Space-saving travel essentials (RRP £5 – £25)

Envirotrend Bag
If you travel with hand luggage a lot like I do, you’ll understand the need for packing light and trying to save as much space as possible. Therefore, when I was sent a range of products from EnviroTrend, who is leading the fight against damaging plastic bags with their fashionable and affordable range of eco-friendly designer shopping bags, rucksacks and raincoats, I did a little squeal with joy. I recently used the PAKitToMe Blue Spots Rucksack (RRP £12.00) during our trip to Leiden, The Netherlands as plastic bags are no longer provided in shops, the SPLASHitToMe Flame Red Raincoat(currently on sale for £11.99) on our recent trip to the Yorkshire Dales and I have packed the SAKitToMe Beach Bag (RRP £6.00) to use in Abu Dhabi. All of this fold down to almost nothing making them great for travelling.

Artwork (Various Prices)

Mel Smith Designs Artwork
The lovely, and award-winning, Mel Smith was not only an interviewee in our travel blogger series but she also produces some of the most amazing fresh and upbeat patterns & illustrations based on travel. Her portfolio includes pieces including cards, coasters, tea towels and maps, amongst other great items featuring designs from around the world. She has worked on a number of international campaigns and provides a number of services, including bespoke map and travel illustrations, freelance, licensing and commissions and wholesale. Check out her Etsy shop, I’m sure you will find loads of lovely gifts for all the family on there.

Flight Experience (RRP £109 – 30 minutes)

Flight Experience London 1
Why not treat the special person in your life to an experience they truly won’t forget. Let them become Captain of a Boeing 737 aircraft simulator and take to the skies with Flight Experience London, located in Putney, London. After carrying out real pre-flight aircraft checks and talking to Air Traffic Control, a fully qualified instructor will take them through the controls of the aircraft and then allow them to fully experience the exciting sensations of take-off, climbing, cruising and landing. The cockpit is actually built from a former aircraft so the controls are identical to those you would expect to find inside a real cockpit – every lever and button is operational and will have an effect on the flight if used. Featuring high-definition 180-degree screens with panoramic visuals – and immersive sound and vibration sensations – you experience flight like never before. What a great experience for the ultimate travel lover, I’m sure you will agree?!

We hope our gift guide has given you some inspiration!

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  1. November 23, 2017 / 5:42 pm

    All great ideas! We also avoid gifts and travel instead

    • November 23, 2017 / 5:46 pm

      Thank you. Memories are so much better than stuff, right? Although I do love the stuff too 🙂

      • November 23, 2017 / 10:51 pm

        Me too! ??‍♀️