Guest Post: 5 New Vehicles For Your 2018 Road Trip

Guest Post: 5 New Vehicles For Your 2018 Road Trip

If you’re a car fanatic, love travelling in amazing cars (come on, who doesn’t love a road trip?), or you love renting the latest car model just to try out, you’ll love these fantastic 5 cars due for release in 2018.

Alfa Romeo

The unnamed Alfa Romeo, due for release early next year, is due to rival the BMW 5 Series in both style and substance. With four doors, the new car will offer a similar driving experience to the Giulia, a recent release in 2017 from Alfa Romeo.

Audi A1

The brand new second-gen A1 will have grown in length from its predecessor and will have a larger interior to ensure a spacious cabin and room for luggage. The LED lighting will also be sharper, with the rear lights looking to be wider. You can also expect an entirely digital cockpit area and a 1.5 litre TFSI turbocharged petrol engine to rival that of the BMW i3.

Bentley Continental GT

The new Bentley looks stunning, and with equal parts sports car and grand tourer, you can expect some of the best specs of any car coming out in 2018. With a standard twin-turbo W12 petrol engine, the car will make 0-60mph in just under 4 seconds.

BMW 8 Series

After a 20 year hiatus, BMW are finally bringing back their 8 Series. Previewed earlier this year in Italy, the car is set to take on the Mercedes S-Class Coupe with its beautiful design, stunning interiors and insane digital cockpit. You can expect this car to come in a range of engines, both petrol and diesel, and will hit the market mid-2018.

Ferrari Portofino

Replacing the California T next year will be the Ferrari Portofino. With an impressive twin turbo V8 engine, this car will reach 60mph in just over 3 seconds, and can hit speeds of nearly 200mph. Topping the scales at £200,000, this car is surprisingly one of the cheaper cars you will be able to buy from the new range hitting the market in 2018.

Are there any cars you’re excited to take a look at in 2018? Do you have any road trips planned?

Guest post by Gina Kay Daniel

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