Aaptiv: Long Term Goals and Travelling With A Personal Trainer

Aaptiv: Long Term Goals and Travelling With A Personal Trainer

Having spent a month on the West Coast of America and eating ALL the burgers, Cheetos and M&Ms I could stuff into my mouth, it was evident on my return that things had to change!

Travelling is amazing, I’m sure you all agree, and the food I discover whilst travelling is a big part of the experience for me. I’ll happily try it and often overindulge in it, as I convince myself that the walking I am doing will be enough to balance out the local delicacies. Sometimes it is, when I returned from Sri Lanka I had put on a mere ½ pound – that’s curries for you I suppose(!) whereas my recent US trip left me over half a stone heavier. Wiping the tears away (true story) as I got off the scales, I grabbed my phone and downloaded a few apps to try to help me shift the timber.

One to record my weight, so every time I reach for a sugary treat I can have a quick glance at how heavy I am and embarrass myself into not eating it. Also, it’ll help me track how my weight loss journey is going and keep me motivated knowing my target is obtainable if I want it enough (and I do!)

One to record what I’m eating to ensure I don’t go over my daily calorie allowance, drink enough water etc. I found doing this in the run up to our wedding six years ago really helped me and within 5 months I lost 3 ½ stone, there’s nothing like having an incentive to keep you motivated. Of course I have put that weight back on and more since, meh!

And last but certainly not least, Aaptiv which is an audio fitness app to motivate me to get my bum moving and hopefully aid me in my journey. With over 120 classes added each month which I can participate in whenever I want and at my own pace, it sounded like something I could really get on board with.       

Aaptiv Classes

I have had a gym membership for over 15 years and have on the odd occasion used it, which is terrible really as I can almost see the gym from my house (tut). The main reason I don’t go that often, or at all recently, is because I don’t like the gym and I am extremely envious of people who do. I simply don’t have the motivation to use the equipment properly. I’ll have a little run on the treadmill followed by a short blast on the rowing machine or bike but nothing you would consider a thorough work out. I get bored and I’m easily distracted, I personally need someone to tell me what to do and when to do it and that is why I love classes.

However, the thing with classes is they are at set times and if your gym is anything like mine, you have to book a week in advance to get a place! Seriously, I cannot commit to what I can do tomorrow, let alone in a week’s time. Therefore, I was often missing classes due to work, blogging, travelling, socialising (on the very rare occasion) or because I was simply just too tired at the end of the day.

So a massive benefit of using Aaptiv is that it lets me choose when I want to have a workout, where and for how long. All the classes are downloadable at the touch of a button, I can then press play at any time. I can use the gym equipment if I like as Aaptiv has a number of classes designed for the treadmill, bike, elliptical trainer etc. or I can go walking or running outside or if I am having one of those days and can’t be bothered to leave the house, it is too early/late to visit the gym or I don’t want to get hot and sweaty in front of other people, I can use my living room. Also, with different length classes available I can choose how long I want to work out for from 10 minutes to over an hour. I can also pause the class if I need to, although I try not to do this.

Different Clases Aaptiv

Once I have my earphones in, it feels like I am in a class with a leader or with my very own Personal Trainer and for me it’s ideal as I am getting the direction I need to keep me going. Aaptiv have classes from over 20 different certified trainers, each specialise in different training methods and styles, so I’ve tried a few different ones before settling on my personal favourites, naming no names. I can even email the trainers through the app if I have any questions or comments, although I have not had to do that yet. As Apptiv is only an audio guide it’s important that I know how to do certain moves before I start a work out as there isn’t video to show me, but a quick YouTube search sorted me out when I wanted to make sure I was doing a burpee properly.

Aaptiv Trainers

I am only two weeks in and so far I’ve enjoyed trying out a number of different classes, some that I would never even had considered previously including the ever so popular HIIT training sessions and yoga, although I am not even attempting the marathon training……just yet! I must admit I have only tried the green classes which are for beginners as I personally think that is my current level. However, I have the option to move up to intermediate (yellow) and advanced (red) classes once my confidence and ability has grown.

The music used is great, well thought out and really motivates me to keep going and I often find myself singing along out loud especially during the new Fit for Summer program classes. They are fantastic and all the classes are designed to be done outside, if the weather is playing ball of course but if not, not to worry you can still do them either at the gym or at home. A great way to prepare for a summer holiday.

Aaptiv Fit For Summer

For £7.99 a month I think that it is a great app for me and I am currently weighing up whether or not to keep my gym membership running in conjunction. I think yes, keep it at the moment, however there are so many classes that do no not require gym equipment; I may reconsider in the future.

Aaptiv Packages

I have set myself a weight target and hope I can hit it with the assistance of my three new apps. Mr ESLT and I are heading to Abu Dhabi in 20 weeks and by then I would like to have lost 40 pounds, well I’d like to lose a lot more but I’m trying to be realistic and I think that 2 pounds a week is doable, plus by exercising I hope to increase my fitness level, which again is not great at the moment. In the meantime we have trips planned to Nuremburg, Luxembourg and Ghent where I plan to eat healthily and skip some of the more calorific delights and try to do an Aaptiv walking or HIIT class everyday as I will have my personal trainer (phone) in my pocket.

I’m not publicly stating my start weight (as it is gross – FACT!) but after 2 weeks of eating right and moving more so far I have lost a few pounds and am heading in the right direction of where I want/need to be – I just need to keep it up now and not slip back into my old ways. Keep your fingers crossed for me 🙂

  • My initial two-week subscription was complimentary, however I have signed up to Aaptiv on a monthly basis since.



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