Power Up On The Go With A Phinexi iPhone Case

Phinexi iPhone Case Review in Central Park

As an avid traveller and travel blogger the need to keep my mobile phone charged at all times is paramount. For me my mobile phone is an essential item when travelling, probably second only to my passport (and Mr ESLT of course), it allows me to make calls, send texts, update social media, take photographs, record memos, write notes, listen to music and even blog on the go. I have written before of my love of portable chargers and the extra charge they offer when out and about, however that was before I received a Phinexi iPhone Case to try out.

I’ll be honest, I don’t usually keep my phone in a case and boy can you tell – it has scratches galore. So putting one on initially made it feel completely different in my hand. Being the world’s slimmest power case it only adds 73g to the weight of my phone and only adds 2mm to the width and 4mm to the depth of it, meaning I didn’t notice the tiny size difference in my back pocket, where I have a habit of keeping my phone. The main thing that I have noticed is how, when the cover is on my phone, it feels in my hand. It feels soft, sturdy and not like it is going to slip out of my hand unlike some other cases. It is made from medical grade silicone with UV coated cover therefore it protects my iPhone from wear and tear and will hopefully, as advertised, keep it safe from harmful sun rays during the summer months or when visiting sunny countries.

To really road test the Phinexi iPhone Case I took it on our recent trip to New York. New York is one of those cities where you leave your hotel in a morning and may not return until late at night, therefore making it almost impossible to find somewhere to charge your phone. I have always previously travelled with an external battery pack meaning I could charge up when my phone was running low. However, I’m sure you are aware if you have one, that you also need a USB cable too, in order to connect your phone to the battery and I’m sure you will agree they are not the sturdiest of things. I think I must have to buy a new one every month or so without fail. Also, using an external battery pack is not ideal as having it connected to your phone makes actually using your phone not that easy. So the fact that you simply slide your phone into the Phinexi iPhone Case without fuss or hassle makes it very user-friendly and practical yet discreet.

Phinexi iPhone Case Review in Central Park

The Phinexi iPhone Case gives 140% longer battery life. The impressive 2400mAh capacity gives you an extra 48 hours standby, although in New York I used my phone regularly throughout the day for updating social media, Google maps and taking photos, so I never really tested the stand by capacity. However, I can confirm that even on the longest days trekking the length and breadth of the city my phone never ran out of charge with the Phinexi iPhone Case. Making it the perfect portable charging accessory. You can leave the Phinexi continuously topping up your iPhone throughout the day or only turn on using the button on the back, when your battery is low. It will take around 45 minutes to charge the battery from 0% to 100%.

Phinexi iPhone Case Review in Central Park

My iPhone is of an age now were the battery is not what it used to be, and as I am often in and out of meetings and away from power supply, I use the Phinexi iPhone Case on a daily basis to ensure I have power all day. I highly recommend this product!

  • Phinexi iPhone Case was sent to us for review purposes you can buy yours now directly from the Phinexi website. Made for iPhone 6/6S and 7.





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