American Tourister Sunbeam Medium Spinner Suitcase

American Tourister Sunbeam Medium Spinner Suitcase

Finding the right bag for a long weekend can often be tricky. I have cabin bags and hold bags galore, but for our recent road trip to the Lake District and up in to Scotland everyone I have seemed to either be too small, especially because I had to pack my winter woollies, or too big, as we were only heading out for four days. One of the bonuses of road tripping is that you do not have the constraints that airlines place on you, which means you can take full-sized toiletries – YES! Therefore, my case still needed to be big enough to fit my, oh so important, shampoo and conditioner. So when I was sent an American Tourister Sunbeam Medium Spinner Suitcase to try out it seemed to the perfect case to take on this trip.

American Tourister Sunbeam Medium Spinner Suitcase

Look and design

I loved the colour we received – After Dark, which in my opinion it the classiest of the three colours in the range, it is navy blue with sky blue accents, which are a lovely contrast. The other colours available are Nordic Blue, which is royal blue with red accents, and Summer Rose which is bright pink with grey accents. It is a rich mix of soft polyester and extremely lightweight for a case of its size. The main compartment which is the main packing area has functional elastic cross ribbons to secure packed items and reduce wrinkling. It also has a zipped mesh divider pad for easy packing – I tend to use this compartment for packing my shoes and toiletries in. It also has two front pockets which I didn’t use on this trip however would be very handle for travel documents if necessary, or even paperwork if being used for a business trip. For extra security, it also comes with a fixed 3 digit TSA combination lock for secure travel. Again we did not need to use this, as the case was never out of our sight during our trip.

American Tourister Sunbeam Medium Spinner Suitcase

What it can hold

The suitcase held everything I needed for my four-day road trip. As it was November and the weather forecast for the weekend was not that great, I packed (maybe over packed) jumpers, jeans, thermal socks, hat, gloves, scarf, boots and other bits and bobs needed for a winter break – all of which where bulky and took up a lot of room, together with the essentials of toiletries and make up. I did expand the case to give me that extra bit of packing space, which was needed and very welcome. The great thing about taking a road trip as opposed to flying is that we didn’t have to worry about the weight of the case once packed, meaning I could pack that extra jumper, even though I knew I would not need it.

American Tourister Sunbeam Medium Spinner Suitcase

Ease of use

Having packed to capacity I expected the case to be quite difficult to manoeuvre as it was quite heavy, but it really wasn’t. It has a double tube push button wheel handle which made it extremely easy to ‘walk’ the case on flat surfaces, especially because it has four multi directional wheels. On some surfaces, gravel in particular, I found it easier to pull the case on two wheels. The case also has a top and side carry handles which made getting the case in and out of the car at each of our stops very easy.

Technical information

Dimension: 68.5 x 42.0 x 29.0 cm

Expanded Dimension: 68.5 x 42.0 x 32.0 cm

Volume: 66/75 L

Weight: 2.90 kg | 6.39 lbs

Warranty: Limited 3 year global warranty

RRP: £85


This case was great to use for a long weekend, I think I could have packed for a whole week if our break had been during better weather conditions. I love that the case is part of a range, therefore you can also get a small case – perfect carry on size, and a large which would be a great hold bag for a longer trip. I also feel that this range of cases appeals to wide age range due to the different colours that it is available in. The fact that it is lightweight and expandable gets a big double thumbs up from me as they are both features I look for when selecting the right suitcase for a trip.


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