Chocolate Lover? Power Up With Protein On The Go!

Chocolate Lover? Power Up With Protein On The Go!

Eating ‘right’ when travelling can be a tough challenge, with so many great options available it’s often too easy just to eat ALL the food. I’m a nightmare for making the wrong choices. I like to think that I can eat everything I want whilst travelling because I walk a lot whilst exploring. However, not enough it seems, as I always end up crying on the bathroom scales about the lbs that I have put on.

My main problem is being too busy that I get past the hungry phase and into the hangry one, resulting in ordering one of everything off the menu at lunch or dinner and eating until I am bloated, which is not ideal. I also am not a breakfast lover, I simply cannot eat as soon as I wake up, therefore I often skip it. Which means by 11ish my tummy starts telling me it needs some food and this in when my biggest downfall occurs – I grab a chocolate bar! Yep a lovely chocolatey chocolate bar.

Now, I am in no way a nutritional expert in fact my nutritional knowledge is akin to my knowledge of quantum physics, however I do know that chocolate bars are not that great for you. Yes, they give you an instant hit of sugar but then the hit is gone as quickly as it came, leaving you hungry again. So, yes they taste great but in reality they are not providing any long-term benefit.

Therefore, when Discount Supplements sent us Snickers, Mars and Bounty protein rich versions of their chocolate bars to try, I jumped at the chance to try them being the chocolate lover that I am. I was eager to see if the protein contained within them still gave me the energy boost needed and kept me feeling fuller for longer, resulting in not being so hungry by lunch. Protein bars are convenient but not a substitute for natural foods and are not meal replacements and should only be eaten as a pick you up after exercise.

Having never tried protein bars before, I was interested to see how these ones tasted in comparison to their original counterpart and what, if any effects I could feel from eating them.

Bounty Protein Bar – 19g Protein

Bounty Protein Bar

A Bounty is my go to chocolate bar. I love coconut, it always reminds me of lounging on a beach and basking in the sun. Therefore, this was the bar I was most looking forward to trying. At under 200 calories it has roughly the same amount as a traditional bar however it is much bigger and therefore certainly more filling. Unfortunately, for me the taste just did not measure up, it was nice and extremely edible but it was more creamy than coconuty and it just wasn’t close to a Bounty for my liking. As this was the first of the three I tried I was a bit worried that the other two would not meet my expectations either.

Mars Protein Bar – 19g Protein

Mars Protein Bar

This was more like it, the Mar protein bar was delicious and I could have easily mistaken it for a normal Mars bar. Yes, there was less chocolate and caramel then you would find on the original but more than enough to make it taste like a good old Mars bar. The nougaty bit tasted slightly different, as this is where I imagine the protein was hiding but in no way bad. Again, the Mars bar came in at under 200 calories and was roughly the same size as a regular one. My only advice is don’t keep it in the fridge like I did, as I nearly broke a tooth biting into it. Keep it in a  cupboard which in turn will keep the caramel gooey.

Snickers Protein Bar – 18g Protein

Snickers Protein Bar

The Snickers protein bar was by far my favourite bar, yet I would never choose a normal Snickers bar to snack on. As a nut fiend I absolutely loved the combination of chocolate, nougat, caramel and nuts. As with the others it was under 200 calories and the same size as a normal Snickers but was certainly more filling. I’m glad I didn’t let Mr ESLT try this one as I’m sure we would have ended up fighting over it. Again, I’d recommend not keeping the Snickers bars in the fridge as the nougat goes super hard and to be honest it tasted nicer after it had been out of the fridge for a while. Just thinking about it now makes me want one!

In reality, eating these did not make me feel any more energised then a normal chocolate bar, however, they certainly filled me up for longer which is always a bonus as it means smaller portions at lunch which in turn saves money and calorie intake. Plus, I loved the taste of the Snickers one so much, I’m going to order a box for our upcoming California road trip to snack on after exploring.

  • Protein bars were provided by Discount Supplements for review purposes. YUM! International shipping available



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  1. May 11, 2017 / 8:34 am

    Are these designed as breakfast bars or for those who are on muscle gain? The reason I ask is that protein shakes you find in health stores are geared towards that.

    It will be interesting to see what its USP is.

    • May 11, 2017 / 8:45 am

      Muscle growth and repair post exercise – according to the website. I would ever eat one as a breakfast bar without doing exercise first, they are too heavy. But a sweet treat after a hour or so of even moderate exercise and they are winners ??