Been Travelling? How To Relax On Your Return

Been Travelling? How To Relax On Your Return

Seeing new sights, meeting new friends and eating new food are all major benefits of travelling. Seeking out new cultures and learning the history of a place ranks very high on our list of things to do when travelling and this often means flying to far-flung places. We also enjoy multi centre breaks and adventurous road trips. All of which, mean a lot of travelling –sometimes involving every mode of transport imaginable over a long period of time. All of which can be very draining, but if you’re like me you won’t realise how draining until you get home and the post-holiday blues hit you full force.

Even though I travel on a regular basis I still get them after most trips. Destination2 recently asked us how we relax when we return from travelling, here are my top 5 ways

Try to chill out

Tea to Relax

Relaxing is more often than not easier said than done and people relax in many different ways. For some it’s a long soak in hot bath with a chilled glass of wine, others it’s a big fat pizza and a Netflix binge. For me, it’s a big steaming cup of herbal tea, a bar of chocolate and a good book in a quiet room – proper ME time – bliss. It’s important to make time for ourselves on a regular basis but especially after travelling to clear our minds and re-centre ourselves.

Get back into a routine

If you have been on a long haul flight, you may suffer from jet leg, therefore it’s important to try to get back into a routine as quickly as possible, especially if like me you have a day job to get back to – annual leave is precious after all. Healthy eating habits can also often go out of the window when travelling too, so getting back into a routine of eating well and regularly is essential, plus it’ll boost your energy levels if travel has left you feeling fatigued.

Reconnect with friends and family

Whether you have been away for just a long weekend or for as long as a gap year, it’s always nice to reconnect with friends and family when you get home. I love meeting up with mine whenever I come home and learning about what they have been up to and what gossip I have missed out on, it really grounds me and brings me back to reality in a truly lovely way. Also, more often than not they want to find out about my travel adventures and hear about my escapades.

Relive the fun times

After the initial sorrow has passed a great way of beating the blues is reliving the best times you had on your travels. For me that’s by transferring my photos from my SD card to my laptop and looking fondly through them. Flicking through the photos of beautiful scenery, great food (come on I’m sure we’re all guilty of snapping our favourite dishes) and of the people I travelled with and the friends I made along the way. For a while I’m transported back to the great time I had.

Book your next trip

Hunting for my next trip relaxes me at the best of times but even more so when I have just returned from one. I can spend hour after hour searching for the perfect destination from quick European city breaks to cheap long haul holidays, pricing it up and planning it to a tee. I personally always have to have at least my next two or three adventures planned so I have something to look forward to. The excitement of booking sure does banish the blues.

How do you relax after travelling? Please let us know.

  • Post written in collaboration with Destination2
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