7 Cruise Lines for a Romantic Getaway

7 Cruise Lines for a Romantic Getaway

Cruising is a rather romantic way to spend some time with your loved one. There is something novel about snuggling on a deck while the sun is setting on top of the wide-open sea. It’s an even better way of getting away from it all – you always feel like you don’t need to worry about the world when you are on a cruise. It’s just you and the other cruisers – nothing else matters.

If the romantic thought of going on a cruise appeals to you, then you have plenty of options in terms of cruise lines. So, which one to pick for the best experience? Here are the most wonderful cruise lines for couples to experience.

Paul Gauguin Cruises

The cruise line only has this one ship operating but it’s nonetheless a romantic holiday pick for couples. The experience is romantic and tropical. While the onboard romance is great, you will definitely enjoy the route in the sweet South Pacific the most. You get to discover some of the ocean’s best island paradises. The cruise is a great way to experience the best of two worlds: beach holidays and cruises.

Norwegian Cruise Lines

Norwegian Cruise Lines has a great fleet on a number of different routes and all the ships are worth experiencing. The older ships are more relaxed and traditional, while the newest members of the fleet are all about Las Vegas-style glamour and entertainment. These ships are perfect for active couples; you can play basketball or give rock-climbing a go. However, you can just relax at the spa as well or snuggle up with your loved one at the lounges with a drink in hand. These ships are huge so it won’t be your choice for a super intimate trip.

Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity has a fleet of ships but it is the newest ships that cater the best to couples. The best thing about these cruises is the food and drink options – you have stunning wine bars to visit and the restaurants onboard offer fine dining and casual snacks. The cabins offer options from fancy suits to your casual retreat. The rooms won’t break a bank, even if you want a private balcony!

Princess Cruises

As the name suggest, you’ll definitely feel like a princess in the three different Princess Cruises ships. The cruise line has a lovely selection of traditional ships with each offering suites and mini-suites, catering all budgets. The entertainment is great with plenty of spa and massage treatments available for you to relax with your loved one. If you want something super-romantic, you need to book an Ultimate Balcony Dining experience – you get to enjoy a stunning dinner or breakfast from the comfort of your own room.

SeaDream Yacht Club

For those couples that are all about luxury, the two ships in the SeaDream Yacht Club fleet are a must-see. The all-inclusive cruises offer plenty of gorgeous entertainment and food. All the rooms are super-romantic and very state-like. If you want, you can even reserve one night sleeping under the stars, which is an unmemorable experience. The ships have two main restaurants with both opening elegant and tasty food.

Windstar Cruises

Another single ship cruise line to discover is Windstar Cruises. Their Wind Surf ship is a hybrid blend of traditional cruise activities and romantic vistas. The ship is rather small so it definitely helps you feel secluded. Windstar’s atmosphere is rather relaxed and there are plenty of things to do. It is more of an adventure rather than a luxury cruiser, so keep this in mind.

Regent Seven Seas Cruises

Now, if you are looking for luxury, the Seven Seas Explorer ship is often referred to as the ‘Most Luxurious Ship Ever Built’. You’ll get to enjoy gourmet cuisine, personal service and all-inclusive service in terms of drinks or even the pre-cruise hotel. However, all this luxury doesn’t come cheap. The cruises are the most expensive on the list so you definitely want to save this option for that super special occasion.

The good news is that booking a cruise doesn’t always have to cost a fortune. You should definitely keep an eye on the prices and book just outside of the peak season. Furthermore, most lines offer special offers when you book as an early bird (up to a year in advance) or in the final moments. You can also find offers for the cruise lines and travel portals that help you book cruises from OZCodes.com.au. Taking advantage of voucher codes can help you stick to a budget without jeopardising the romance and fun.

So, if you are looking for a romantic treat, going on a cruise might be just the right thing to do. The above cruise lines are wonderful for couples and are bound to have you longing for more.

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  1. May 17, 2017 / 7:28 pm

    Now to convince my husband to go on a cruise….

  2. May 18, 2017 / 7:07 am

    Also I think it’s important to choose carefully, especially the ship. Most of the new versions are very much like a Disney resort on water that you’d probably pay not to go on. Some lines however do have older ships which might help invoke the true romance of cruising in that they actually look like ships and you feel more of a traveller rather than a holidaymaker. These older vessels can also be smaller and therefore more intimate, Fred Olsen score highly here – so lots to think about. Of course one other option is to consider travel by cargo ship which is also great fun ! Happy sailing !

    • May 18, 2017 / 8:21 am

      Hi Ben, thanks for your comment. I couldn’t agree more. Mr ESLT has been a marine pilot for 15 years and before that 10 years in the merchant navy and has very strong opinions about ships ? he agrees completely about the new ones, although I think every now and again for a chill out – why not? And with the older ones, they can’t be too old as he tells me all the horror stories ha! I personally have never sailed on a cargo ship and it sounds like great fun but as that’s his bread and butter maybe it would find it too much of a busman’s holiday? We’re looking at a Baltic cruise next and Fred Olsen look to be a good choice – thanks for the recommendation ??

      • May 19, 2017 / 9:20 am

        Oh Yes, forget the cargo ship travel, didn’t realise Mr ESLT has a history of maritime meanderings lol ! Baltic cruise sounds great – go for it and enjoy !