Read To Relax On Holiday: What’s On Your Reading List?

Books on a Beach

As someone who blogs about travel, 9 times out of 10 my adventures involve exploring until it feels like my feet are going to fall of. When travelling I have this thing inside of me that yells you have to see as much as you can – NO slacking! I mean no one would want to read how I visited somewhere and didn’t see anything. However, sometimes everyone needs to take their foot of the gas and chill out, yes even me. Once our American road trip next month is over, that’s when the search for last-minute cheap holidays will commence. After a month of non stop exploring and adventure I’ll be in need of a week on the beach doing NOTHING, well almost nothing.

I love reading and whilst on a beach holidays you will always find me with my nose in a book, well my kindle, but you get the idea. This is because it is the only time I actually get to read, I mean properly read – I can start a book, get engrossed in it and actually finish it within a day or so. If I try to read at home life gets in the way and by the time I start reading the story again, I have forgotten what has already happened, meaning I have to start again. Therefore, I just don’t bother anymore.

Do you enjoy reading on holiday? Do you have a Kindle (or other e-reader) or do you prefer a good old-fashioned paperback book? I must admit I love a good book and the feeling you get when you crack the spine of a brand new one. And because of my love of books, I was late to the party when it came to investing in a Kindle. However, I am very pleased that I did, but obviously there are pros and cons to both:

infographic Ebooks V Books

You may think that as someone who travels a lot on my list of books to read would be at least one about travel or travel related – nope! Well apart from Alex Garland’s The Beach – I could read that a bizillon times and never get bored with it. When I read a book I love the sense of escapism. Whether it be a rom com, a thriller or even Shakespeare, it has to allow me to be completely engrossed in the story. As I don’t get the opportunity to read that often my current reading list is ridiculously long, yet I have whittled it down to only 5.

Top 5 book to read – Summer 2017:

1 & 2. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – Parts One and Two (by John Tiffany (Adaptation), Jack Thorne, J.K. Rowling)

3. Hollywood Dirt (by Alessandra Torre)

4. Before I Fall (by Lauren Oliver)

5. The Mountain Between Us (by Charles Martin)

What’s at the top of you reading list for summer 2017? Or what’s your favourite book of all time? Let us know in the comments section below and enter our competition to win a £25 Amazon voucher to spend on ebooks or actual books (or whatever you like 🙂 )



Closing Date : Midnight 8th June 2017

Terms and conditions

1. The promotion is open to UK Residents ONLY aged 18 or over
2. To enter, simply enter via link in post – Rafflecopter
3. No purchase necessary, however internet access is required.
4. The Prize: 1 x £25 Amazon Gift Voucher
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24 thoughts on “Read To Relax On Holiday: What’s On Your Reading List?

  1. Travel and reading, my two fave activities ! Put the two together and it’s heaven !! We probably pack more books than clothes when we travel !! Have a few reading faves, love the Conrad books set in Southeast Asia and travel books by Gavin Young (Slow Boats to China). Some old books from the 50s which might interest Mr ESLT: Eight Bells and Top Masts by Christopher Lee (no, not that C. Lee !) and Harbous, Girls and a Slumbering World by James Page-Roberts – both factual accounts of their travels in a more hopeful period. The Roads to Sata by Alan Booth is an account of his walk through Japan. Then of course there’s the greatest living Yorkshireman Alan Bennet, anything by him will do nicely – happy readings !


  2. I’m still debating whether to go for a Kindle or not…I just love having an actual book to read, and when the cost is usually the same for the e-book and the real book I can’t help but opt for the paperback. I’ll have to invest eventually though, there’s no way I can lug more than one book around in my backpack!


  3. Oh we love to catch up on our Nat Geo reading when we have the opportunity. It makes for a good companion while on the journey and when we get to our destination!


  4. Real Books every time. My favourite book has to be the Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood. Bought it on a whim for a holiday and it made me fall in love with reading.


  5. I’m yet to invest in a Kindle but strongly considering it as I’m travelling more and more and dedicate far too much of my suitcase to books! On my list to read this summer is The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton, One Small Act of Kindness by Lucy Dillon and The Tenant of Wildfell Hall by Anne Bronte – all books I’ve been meaning to read for a while so hoping to get round to it!


  6. I really want to read Into the Water which is the new book by Paula Hawkins, who wrote the Girl on the Train.

    I actualky downloaded it first my recent trip to Croatia, then forgot to load it to my e-reader!


  7. I love a mixture of kindle and paper books, my favourite book of all time was Farewell to France by Noel Barber x


  8. I mainly read using a kindle and have recently read a fantastic book called Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine which at times had me laughing out loud and i think my husband thought i had gone mad.


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