Australia: The Best Beaches For Sand Seekers

Australia: The Best Beaches For Sand Seekers

Australia is one place which is definitely on people’s wish lists. After all, with a wealth of beautiful scenic areas, delicious grub, and happy people leading a laid-back lifestyle, it’s definitely somewhere that ticks a lot of boxes. However, a lot of individuals make the long trip to Australia as they have heard how gorgeous the beaches are. After all, they are thought to have some of the best beaches in the world. And if you are looking for a chilled out travel experience, it’s definitely somewhere you should consider going on your travels. But when you are booking a trip, it can leave you wondering which beach to visit. After all, there is so much choice that it can be difficult to choose one. Therefore, if you are a sand seeker, here are some of Australia’s best beaches which you need to visit in your lifetime.

Bondi Beach

One of Australia’s most famous beaches, Bondi Beach is likely the most popular on our list. In fact, thousands of people visit every year to experience the beauty of Bondi Beach. And while it might be super busy, there are still a lot of reasons why this should be on your go-to list! For one thing, the beautiful beach has clear shores which are perfect for a bit of sunbathing. If you get a space early, you can enjoy a whole day on the gorgeous beach. The sea is also ideal for doing a bit of swimming. With an average temp of around 21 Celsius, you will be tempted to take a dip. It’s also very popular with surfers. In fact, they have regular surfing competitions on this beautiful beach. And if you are hoping to learn how to surf, you can expect to find at least someone teaching the ropes of catching waves while you are the beach. And you can expect to feel safe too when at Bondi Beach. After all, it has a great lifesaving team keeping the beach in check! One of the best things about this beach is that it’s located close to the capital Sydney. Therefore, you can spend time checking out popular sights like the Sydney Opera House in the centre. And then take a couple of days enjoying the beach during the same trip!

Main Beach at Byron Bay

Byron Bay, Australia

Another place which is almost as touristy as Bondi, but still is beautiful in its own way is Byron Bay. In fact, thousands of people visit one of the gorgeous beaches at Byron Bay every year. For example, Main Beach, with white sand and a beautiful clear sea is definitely a sight to behold. In fact, despite its popularity, it’s still as gorgeous as ever. And you will enjoy a lovely day of sightseeing if you do head to Main Beach during a heatwave. After spending a few hours sunbathing, you can enjoy some dinner and drinks at one of the many cafes and bars situated around here. And then you could have a go at surfing. After all, you will see surfers catching waves throughout the day at the Main Beach. And you can even get them to teach you some beginner moves while you are at the beach. If you stay until night time, you can enjoy the beautiful sunset which is located here. And you might even see a party beginning on the beach which you can join in. The beach definitely has a cool vibe, and it will help you to relax while you are on your travels.

Sorrento Beach

If we mention Sorrento, you are bound to start thinking of the gorgeous town in Italy. But there is actually a beautiful Sorrento in Australia which is worth a visit. In fact, the beach town which is located in Victoria is a popular choice with locals and travellers alike. After all, with gorgeous white sand and clear waters, it’s worth a visit. You can sunbathe all day long without much interruption. And the waves which average around 1m are great if you want to give surfing a go. In fact, there is a surf club which you can go to if you want to learn more. And there are a wealth of resorts located right next to the beach. For example, the Quality Resort Sorrento Beach benefits from being just a stone’s throw away from the beach. So you can have a great day at the beach and then head back for a luxurious night at your hotel. And if you want to explore, the Hillarys Boat Harbour is not too far away which benefits from a tonne of boat trips and even a shopping precinct. Therefore, it’s the perfect place to unwind if you want a day away from the sand!

Cable Beach

Another beach which makes our list when you are hunting down the best beaches in Australia is Cable Beach in Broome. It’s arguably the most beautiful on our list with most visitors describing the beach as picture perfect. In fact, people adore the untouched beach which is mesmerising. After all, with its clear blue waters and white sand, it’s like something off a postcard. A lot of people visit the beach due to the gorgeous sunsets. After all, it appears a bright orange and is often classed as a natural phenomenon. In fact, people often go on camel sunsets so they can get a great view of the incredible sunset. Or you can even hang out at the Sunset Bar which will also ensure you get to see the beautiful sunset in action. During the day, you can do a spot of sunbathing on the sand. And you can even enjoy swimming as the waves are very calm at this stunning beach!  After you have enjoyed a day at Cable Beach, you are within walking distance of Broome. So you can head there for a fun-filled evening at one of the many restaurants or bars!

And remember that all the beaches named above are best when the sun is shining. So make sure you go at the right time of year when Australia is in the heart of its summer!

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