Fancy Travel That Takes You On A Different Kind Of Adventure? Why Not Try…

Fancy Travel That Takes You On A Different Kind Of Adventure? Why Not Try…

As the end of the year approaches, it’s hard not to think about what the New Year will bring. Some people may think about their health, others their career, but some of us will be thinking only of our travel plans. If you’ve already got your mind on your travel plans for the new year, you may already know where you want to go. But, if you’re still on the fence, you might need a little inspiration.

If you’re bored of holidays or your standard backpacking travels, you might want to try something new and exciting. You don’t have to head to an exotic new land or push yourself out of your comfort zone to do it either. Instead, you can try one of these exciting ideas and experience a new kind of travel.

Getting Involved

If you love helping people and want to make a difference, why not do something different with your time when you travel. Just like volunteering at home, you can do it abroad too. Many programs take applications all over the world. You just need to narrow down your choice of destination, pick a cause and apply. It’d be a trip with a difference.

Learning A Language

Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn a new language? You could do it at home in your own time, but you could also choose to do it as you travel. What could be better than learning a language in its country of origin? Study Italian at a language school in Italy and you’ll learn the language in the most incredible way. You can learn from native speakers, really home in on the accent and, if you want, rehearse for the entirety of your trip.

Getting Sporty

Perhaps you have a passion for sports, being active or just being outside? If that’s the case, you could team it up with your travel plans for the next twelve months and create an experience to remember. If you love to surf, dive or even ski, why not do it abroad? You could choose to do your activities at home, but what could beat surfing in Australia, diving in Malaysia, or skiing in The Alps?

Learning To Cook

You might be terrible at it now, but if you’ve always wanted to learn to cook, and cook well, why not do it while you’re traveling. If you have a passion for food, your trip might just take a whole new turn when you learn to cook. Spanish, Italian or even Greek food might be your favourite, but if you’re going to learn abroad, you should learn from the best. Cooking classes in Paris could be all you need to turn from a pot washer to head chef in your very own kitchen – and leave you with a memory of a lifetime.


And finally, you may not feel like you’re missing out on much, but if you want to add something extra to your travel plans, why not teach? If you’re planning on visiting a country for a set period, or you want a challenging new start for the New Year, teaching English abroad could be it. Not only will you earn a little money while you’re away, but you can do something good with your time and help students to progress with their language studies.

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