How To Pull Off A Dreamy Scandinavian Holiday On A Budget

How To Pull Off A Dreamy Scandinavian Holiday On A Budget

Scandinavia is one of the most unique and exciting holiday destinations available to us. As more and more people crave cultural city breaks rather than lounging beach holidays, it’s a great option if you always want to have something to do. Plus, the Scandi countries, as they are known, make for great destinations all year round, no matter the weather! However, these countries are also known for being incredibly expensive in the eyes of holidaymakers. This is largely due to the high wage, progressive tax system that is found in countries such as Norway. The prices of things such as beer and cigarettes are also very pricey in an effort to curb addiction levels. It all sounds like a pretty good idea, but it does mean that a Scandinavian city break doesn’t exactly come cheap! Whether you are looking at going to Denmark, Norway or Finland, you’ll probably end up spending a lot more than you would in other European countries. But, there are ways you can enjoy your Scandinavian adventure on a budget.

Rent accommodation from locals

Avoid fancy hotels right in the centre of the cities. You will only be faced with an extortionate fee per night, and you will miss out on seeing some of the most interesting surrounding areas too. Staying slightly out of the city can save you a fortune and also means that you stay somewhere with a little more character. Scandinavia tends to have good transport links, so you can be back in the capital in no time. The student district of Kallio in Helsinki is just a ten-minute metro ride from the central station. It was founded as a place of residence for musicians and artists looking to escape the high city-centre rents. Therefore, it is a thriving, vibrant community, with lots of quirky cafes and lively bars.

Don’t make calling home cost a fortune

There comes a time on most holidays where we need to call home for some reason. The worst case scenario is that there is an emergency and we need to talk to someone quickly. But in most cases, it can just be a simple case of not being able to connect to Wifi, or dealing with a poor connection. Make sure before you leave that you have secured Cheap International Calls, which won’t mean you come home to a hefty phone bill.

Be savvy about where you eat and drink

An average meal out in any of the Scandinavian countries is going to cost you far more than it would elsewhere in Europe. Therefore, consider whether you really need to eat out every single night. If you book a private apartment or a studio flat with a kitchen, make use of it! Rustling up a simple pasta and sauce dish could potentially you from splurging over £100 simply on restaurant food. In Norway particularly, you will find that the food is expensive. The cheapest food you will find is authentic Indian and Thai cuisine in the multicultural areas of Oslo.

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  1. October 8, 2016 / 3:05 am

    Good tips. AirBnB is growing in popularity. We suppose its the way to go in “scandi” countries too?

  2. October 14, 2016 / 9:08 am

    Self catering is definitely the way to go! Eating out will burn a huge hole in your pocket!
    PS Is there a reason why you left out Sweden in the list of Scandinavian countries? Iceland is also generally included in ‘Scandinavia’.

    • October 14, 2016 / 9:20 am

      The cost of booze blew my mind. Earlier this year in Gothenburg a vodka and coke was the same price as a main course in a restaurant (around €11) – what?! And seeing as Sweden was the last Scandinavian country I visited I can’t believe I missed it off the list (doh!) Iceland really? I guess if I’ve included Finland I should really include Iceland too – thanks 🙂