How To Earn Money By Helping Other Travellers

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If you are a well-seasoned traveller, you may be well-accustomed to all the different places you can stay on a holiday. You will have a new-found respect for the people who make your trips possible, such as hoteliers or B&B owners. Of course, that is all providing that you had a positive experience! But if you want to dedicate some time to helping other people have great travel experiences, hosting could be for you. Better still, you can make some money out of it too to put towards your next trip!

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Put your home on Air B&B

If you have a spare room you don’t get much use out of, it could be worth your while renting it out via Air B&B. Now Air B&B has had a lot of press over the past few years – both good and bad – but as long as you stick to guests with positive reviews it is unlikely you’ll have any problems. Make sure you outline house rules and let them know prior to arriving what items will be provided for them. You don’t want all your towels suddenly going missing! Using Air B&B also gives you the chance to meet new people from all over the world. In fact, towns and cities hosting major events are being encouraged to open their doors to visitors due to a lack of hotel rooms. It won’t be much skin off your nose and by opening up your home, you could make some lifelong friends.

Rent out your motorhome or caravan

It is believed that over 8000 people in the UK bought and registered a motorized home in 2014. They are rising in popularity largely due to their ability to provide home comforts on the road. However, most people only use them for a few trips during the summer months – the rest of the time they sit empty on the driveway. To get your money’s worth out of your expensive motorhome, why not consider renting it out when you’re not using it? I could easily make well over £1000 if someone chose to rent my motorhome for a couple of weeks. Similarly to Air B&B, a lot of renting companies use reviews so you can make an informed decision on who to rent to.

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Do a house swap or house-sit

Now, this one isn’t likely to make you any money, but it’s still worth considering all in the pursuit of travel! If you already have a holiday planned, arrange for a family to house sit your empty home. This works best if you live in a place which is already a popular holiday destination. Lay down some conditions of what they may have to do during their stay – common things include tending the garden or looking after your pet. They get free accommodation, and you get peace of mind knowing your home is being looked after. Or, if you want to slash the costs of your holiday accommodation, consider doing a home swap. There are plenty of verified websites you can sign up to which enable you and another family or couple to swap homes for a week. Plus, many of them are overseas, so you can still see some sunshine while you’re at it!

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