Europe: Take A Trip And Visit Hollywood Film Locations

Europe: Take A Trip And Visit Hollywood Film Locations

Do you fancy a trip to Europe that includes a bit of glamour and pizzazz? If so, why not seek out the filming locations of some of Hollywood’s blockbusters along the way? Some of these locations feature the most beautiful of scenery, and some are just fun to see come to life after you have spotted them on the big screen.

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Parts of both James Bond’s Casino Royale and Spectre were filmed against the enchanting backdrop of Italy. In Casino Royale, you’ll see his boat moored up at the Belmond Cipriani hotel in Venice. And the ensuing chase scenes are filmed around the backstreets of the city of love. The majority of the movie was filmed in Prague however the final scenes are shot in both Venice and Lake Como. The last scene shows Bond creeping up on Mr White at his lakeside villa, which was actually shot at Villa la Gaeta on Lake Como. Another great film where you can revisit the scenes from the movie is Angels and Demons. You can follow the route by seeking out the locations of the film yourself. The majority of the film was shot in Rome. Visit the Pantheon, Piazza Navona, Piazza del Popolo and Santa Maria del Popolo. Head to Vatican City and marvel at St Peter’s’ Square. And then tear back across the city to Santa Maria della Vittoria which is home to the Ecstasy of Saint Teresa, one of the most incredible marble sculptures ever seen. Rome is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and trying to follow this route is a fun day to be had. Holidays to Europe can also be planned as escorted tours across the country. This will enable you to take in all the sights and sounds of this bewitching country.


Another sought-after film location in Europe is Croatia. In recent years Croatia has become a very fashionable summer destination. And no wonder! It has a spectacular coastline, cerulean seas, historic buildings and a beautiful unspoilt nature. Both Dubrovnik and Split are UNESCO world heritage sites. The highly addictive Game of Thrones HBO television series uses Croatia as the set for much of its filming. Beautiful Dubrovnik doubles up as King’s Landing and a lot of the market scenes and City Watch are shot here. The city’s historic ancient walled city is the perfect place to evoke such old world fantasy. The island of Lokrum is only a 15-minute ferry ride from Croatia and is used to depict the city of Qarth in the hit show. The island is rich in sub-tropical vegetation, has a rich historical heritage and also has beautiful swimming spots. It’s well worth a visit. And in the last few months, celebrities have been spotted in Croatia as the new Star Wars VIII movie gets under way. This is one filming location that certainly isn’t going out of fashion.


Our last stop in Europe takes us to Malta where parts of Troy and Gladiator were filmed. It’ Mediterranean climate and clear blue waters is a huge draw for summer holidays. Malta also features some of the oldest historic buildings in the world, hence why it was a great location for Gladiator. You’ll see Roman catacombs, prehistoric cliffs and medieval towns. The majority of scenes were shot at the remains of Fort Ricasoli (built between 1670 and 1693) which was also later used in the filming of Troy too.

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